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Pronounced reh-oot.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
The meaning of the name is friendship.
reut  3/6/2007
Ruth means "friendship", but the two names aren't listed as being related on, and I wonder why. They practically mean the same and are very much alike. I suppose they do have the same word as a root, but it doesn't show on btn for some reason. Or am I wrong? [noted -ed]
LoQuiero  7/22/2009
I just found out about name Ruta-Ruth- very interesting conjunction. My name is Ruta (Lithuanian name meaning "flower") but in Hebrae Ruth means "friend" but my last name is REUtaite but in soviet time it was trancripted to RIAutaite so my name and last name mean the same - friend. I think it's a very, very interesting conjunction.
rutele  2/18/2016

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