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The genesis of this name is nice, but that’s true for a lot of names. That’s the only positive thing I can say about Rhea. I agree with the other comments, diarrhea instantly springs to mind when I read Rhea. You can’t spell diarRHEA without Rhea. Good remembering trick. Every substitute teacher is bound to mispronounce this name as Ree-yah, you can count on it.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2019
I actually like both pronunciations.
Luvbug86  1/30/2019
This is that kinda name that you can give to a little kid, and to a grandma. It ages very well and sounds beautiful. Those undisciplined people thinking it sounds like diarrhea, please, the name is beautiful. Definitely goes in the "maybe column".
― Anonymous User  12/19/2018
This is a lovely name. To those who think it sounds like urea and diarrhea, it's ray-ah not ree-ah.
kayisforkeen  8/18/2018
Rhea is the name of a titan in Roman mythology, Jupiter's mother, and as far as I know she has a pretty positive association overall. I pronounce it "RAY-a" and it's one of my favorite names, especially because of the mythological background. However to avoid the whole "diarrhea" nickname even if you pronounce it the other way I suppose you could spell it "Rheya" like someone suggested or "Rheia" which is actually an alternate spelling of the mythological name anyway. That way there isn't as much ambiguity on the pronunciation.
jojonatbaker  6/20/2018
I personally wouldn't name my baby Rhea because it sounds like Diarrhea. My friend and I make jokes all the time and instead of diarrhea we say Rhea. When ever we hear someone call to someone in public named Rhea we are trying our hardest not to laugh. Do not name your kid after diarrhea no matter how funny it may seem- your kid will be angry with you.
Lilcutie  8/3/2017
Rhea Litré is an American singer and drag queen. He is a fixture in West Hollywood nightlife. After graduating from high school, Miller moved to Los Angeles to audition for the second season of American Idol. He first performed in drag at Oasis Nightclub's Drag Idol in 2004 in Upland, California. Raja and Mayhem Miller are Litré's drag mothers.
cutenose  7/6/2017
The name Rhea was given to 285 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Rhea are female.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
I immediately think of Perlman and I like it.Mmakes me think of Reba, too... but, I kind of would like it better pronounced "Ray-uh" instead of "Ree-uh?" Maybe tack an accent mark on the e?
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  6/29/2016
Aside from Rachel, is it short for anything else? I'm searching for missing family...
Erinvz  3/11/2016
Rhea is a surname in my family, commonly given as a middle name to the daughters of Rhea women who marry into other surnames. We pronounce it, as both a surname and a given name--RAY. The Rhea branch of my family is originally from Ireland, having moved to America several hundred years ago, and the name has been pronounced this way as long as anyone can remember.
kirianne  12/27/2015
This is my grandfather's name and I am proud to have such a beautiful and unique name. We represent more than a gray bird or diarrhea. Rhea has history. The comment that Rhea makes you think of a tall woman with blonde hair- all the Rheas I know are barely 5'5 in height, lol, and we are of Creole origin- at least all my relatives are Creole. Caroline Rhea was the first white lady I knew of that had our last name, other than the one who came knocking on our door seeking answers about her family tree.
RheaLoved  12/13/2015
Rhea is the name of one of Saturn's larger moons.
Buneary  9/15/2015
The name Rhea was given to 224 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/16/2013
I really like it. I prefer it pronounced REE-ah, though RAY-ah wouldn't be a bad sound, either. When I think of someone named Rhea, I think of a tall, beautiful woman with long blond hair, amber eyes, and caramel-colored skin wearing a long gold dress standing in the sunset. I always think of gold whenever I hear this name.
Black_X  8/19/2011
Etymologists have also suggested that it comes from ερα meaning ground—with metathesis (switching) of the first two letters to get ρεα. It has also been suggested that the name is related to the Greek "pomegranate" (ροα) and is Indo-European in origin.
Gellis  5/25/2011
I think it's very pretty, but there is the nasty "diarrhea" joke.
Chrila96  1/8/2011
I personally bear the name, and I like it. Thanks for those who said it's a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  9/29/2009
The proper Latin pronunciation of this name is RAY-ə.
eguo0124  9/14/2009
Excuse me, but I have the name Rhea for my middle name. Yet, I pronounce mine much like the name Rae, for it's also short for Rachel. My name was meant to honor my grandmother who holds the name Rachel. Yet, my family has the most unique combinations of names, we spelled my name R-H-E-A, Rhea, or Rae.
savannaha1207  6/27/2009
I love this name if it is pronounced "Ray-ah", mostly because it sounds prettier this way but also as a way of avoiding that awful "diarrhea" nickname.
Daenerys  11/28/2008
I first heard of this name in the movie Solaris and have loved it ever since. It is one of my favorite female names, though I have always thought it was pronounced ray-ah. It is extremely feminine without being fluffy, pretentious or airheaded sounding. To me it sounds almost mysterious but delicate.
Jeszika  10/22/2008
I think it's a nice name but beware I knew a girl with this name and kids would call her diarrhea.
sixblackroses  9/6/2008
I've also heard this pronounced "RAY-ah".
Lady Seashell  4/30/2008
It's nice, but I can't help but think of how similar it sounds to the word urea.
Lizdebiz  8/1/2007
Caroline Rhea has this as a surname.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2007
My grandma's name is Marie. But she went by Rhea when she was a teenager. My fiancee says he doesn't like the name Rhea because he thinks it's a name that can be teased easily, i.e. Rhea has diarhea. Yeah gross. But I think this can also be spelt Ria, and be short for Maria, Gloria.
roxhai  3/6/2007
In the film Solaris (both Tarkovsky and Soderbergh versions), the troubled but beautiful wife of the protagonist is named Rheya. I think that's a lovely variation of this beautiful name.
dominika  2/24/2007
Er, there's a /bird/ called a Rhea. A very, very big gray bird. Not exactly the best name for a little girl.
aqualime  1/28/2007
This name is so pretty!
7up  1/26/2007
One lady I knew with this name, a teacher, was called diarrhea by the kids, behind her back of course.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2006
One of my favorites!
rainxxxgurl  9/24/2006
RAYA I think is a good name for use of pronunciation. :)
― Anonymous User  9/24/2006
Rhea is also a species of flightless birds. It really has nothing to do with names, but I just thought I'd mention it. lol.
MusicRat  7/11/2006
I have a friend named Rhea. I think it's a pretty name. Also: Rhea is an anagram of Hera!
swisssugar  5/31/2006
I write a book (more names in my polls), and one of the main character's name is Rhea.
Dahlis  1/11/2006
Rhea Perlman is an actress best known for playing Carla Tortelli on the show "Cheers" and Zena Sherman on the show "Taxi."
breakofday  12/16/2005
Yes, it's probably something that has to do with rivers because in Portugal we have a word "ria" which means river and it's pronounced the same way as Rhea. And since Portuguese language has its roots in Latin and Greek...
Mary-Rach  11/11/2005
Very pretty :)
― Anonymous User  5/9/2005

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