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The name is pronounced 'Ree-an-non' and it is very annoying when people call me Rhiannin, Rhiannun or Rhianna, but I find the miss spelling the most annoying. Some people have spelt it 'Rianin' or 'Reanun' not knowing how to pronounce it properly or knowing about the silent 'h'. Other than that, the name is completely phonetic.
rhia_07  1/21/2017
It's pronounced Rhi ann non. My names Rhiannon but I'm usually called Non or Rhi. I hate when my names is pronounced Rhi ann nun! It's incorrect and annoying.
NonQ  6/9/2015
I abhor hearing this name pronounced "ree annon" - this is incorrect. Rh is one letter in Welsh and is never pronounced "ree". As a fluent Welsh speaker, I find it annoying - and this is my middle name. I believe people should check meanings and correct pronunciation before naming their children.
Angharad P  12/23/2010
Pronounced "ree-ahn-nawn".
Emilie007  9/1/2008
If you're an American, yes. For everyone else, it is pronounced correctly as "Ree-ann-inn".
― Anonymous User  10/8/2008
It is pronounced ree-an-on in Wales and ree-an-ern in England. I'm half Welsh half English so I get both. Most English people can't spell it or if they see it written can't say it. And they all try calling me Ree, which really bugs me, or Rhianna, I wouldn't mind until they started saying umbrella. And it means princess and goddess.
fullmetal  6/10/2008
My family is Welsh and the correct Welsh pronunciation is Rhi-ah-NON. Most English people pronounce it Rhi-ah-nun because of the unusual name ending (with the 'non'). I also have a lot of difficulty getting people to spell it correctly, most people not realising the silent 'h'. It's an unusual name if you are away from Wales.
Rhiannon_16  5/9/2006
Since in Welsh the accent is on the second to last syllable, that would make the pronunciation something like "rhi-AH-non".
websurfer  4/15/2006
It is pronounced Rhi-ah-NON but most people I know apart from family never pronounce or spell it right I usually end up with it shortened to 'Rhi' a lot of people call me Rhianna or Rhi-ah-NUN which I am used to although it is incorrect. The actual pronunciation comes with the Welsh accent. Rhiannon is a character in the Mabinogion.
Rhiannon_16  3/29/2006

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