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It is pronounced Rhi-ah-NON but most people I know apart from family never pronounce or spell it right I usually end up with it shortened to 'Rhi' a lot of people call me Rhianna or Rhi-ah-NUN which I am used to although it is incorrect. The actual pronunciation comes with the Welsh accent. Rhiannon is a character in the Mabinogion.
-- Rhiannon_16  3/29/2006
Since in Welsh the accent is on the second to last syllable, that would make the pronunciation something like "rhi-AH-non".
-- websurfer  4/15/2006
My family is Welsh and the correct Welsh pronunciation is Rhi-ah-NON. Most English people pronounce it Rhi-ah-nun because of the unusual name ending (with the 'non'). I also have a lot of difficulty getting people to spell it correctly, most people not realising the silent 'h'. It's an unusual name if you are away from Wales.
-- Rhiannon_16  5/9/2006
It is pronounced ree-an-on in Wales and ree-an-ern in England. I'm half Welsh half English so I get both. Most English people can't spell it or if they see it written can't say it. And they all try calling me Ree, which really bugs me, or Rhianna, I wouldn't mind until they started saying umbrella. And it means princess and goddess.
-- fullmetal  6/10/2008
Pronounced "ree-ahn-nawn".
-- Emilie007  9/1/2008
If you're an American, yes. For everyone else, it is pronounced correctly as "Ree-ann-inn".
-- Anonymous User  10/8/2008
I abhor hearing this name pronounced "ree annon" - this is incorrect. Rh is one letter in Welsh and is never pronounced "ree". As a fluent Welsh speaker, I find it annoying - and this is my middle name. I believe people should check meanings and correct pronunciation before naming their children.
-- Angharad P  12/23/2010
It's pronounced Rhi ann non. My names Rhiannon but I'm usually called Non or Rhi. I hate when my names is pronounced Rhi ann nun! It's incorrect and annoying.
-- NonQ  6/9/2015

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