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The correct way to pronounce this name is "RHIS". "Rh" is a letter in the Welsh language which is similar to a voiceless "r". The reason South Walians pronounce it incorrectly is because of their accent. For it to be pronounced like "rees" in Welsh it would have to be spelt "Rîs".
North Welsh  3/28/2016
When I was a child there was a boy called Rhys at my school. I only ever saw his name written down, and thought it was pronounced like the word wry. It was very confusing as a young child.
sazzlesarah  2/26/2015
I'm very proud of my name Rhys, I often get asked how to spell it but once they hear the surname pretty usually say "that should have given it away, it's the Welsh spelling"

Rhys is a guys name, sorry but somewhere down the line it got warped because someone thought it sounded 'different' it's like calling a girl Mike but spelling it differently. In Wales you would never call a girl Rhys. It's the same concept as us calling a boy Amelie but spelling it Amalee, the French would be laughing their socks off!
Just saying in Wales, the origin of the name, it just doesn't happen.

I have had some people asking to speak to Rice, to which I normally reply with "have you ever met anyone named Rice?"

I don't think it should be changed to 'accommodate' people who have trouble applying different pronunciation techniques to word/ names from other countries. It applies to everything, you could rip apart the American and English language and say there are a lot of nonsensical pronunciations with spelling. Colour and color are both wrong in that sense - surely it would be colure!
― Anonymous User  12/5/2014
I'm of Welsh descent and would like to add something. The name isn't just 'rees' in pronunciation. It's 'RHees'. And to spell it 'Reece', 'Reese' etc is a GREAT disservice to the name and makes it look ridiculous. If you're going to use a name, use it properly. :)
― Anonymous User  8/22/2007

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