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This name is also in use in the Netherlands, where it is a short form of not only Frederica, but also of Henrica and other names ending in -ica.

But in other words, you could also say that it is a variant spelling of Rika (which is in the main database and already has the usage of Dutch listed), which is a short form of names like Frederika, Henrika and other names ending in -ika.

Of the two, Rica is the least common in the Netherlands: in the year 2014, there were less than 100 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country, whereas for Rika, there were more than 1500 bearers that year.

And lastly, Rica is pronounced as REE-kah in Dutch.

- (in Dutch).
Lucille  12/15/2016
Rica Matsumoto is a Japanese voice actress and singer, most popular for her role of Satoshi (or Ash Ketchum), the main character on Pokémon.
VIT  8/21/2007
There is a small nation in Central America called Costa Rica. The name translates from Spanish to mean 'rich coast.'
Eruanna_Meldiriel  9/6/2006
Rica means "rich" in Spanish.
breakofday  12/16/2005

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