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My grandmother's name is Richardina but she has always went by Rich or Dina. I think it is a nice name, but it sounds like a bit too much like the masculine name for me to use it.
Heathyr  7/16/2009
I think so too. There ARE very nice feminine -ine variants of several male names, but Richardine is definitely not one of them. It's just too much.
LoQuiero  2/7/2009
It follows in the way of Gereldine or Josephine or Clementine (adding a "ine" to boy's name to make it feminine) but the line should be drawn here, and at Haroldine at that.
A.R.  8/13/2007
Please, people, do NOT name your daughter this. Think of the poor girl. Really, even the insanity sometimes caused by pregnancy cannot make up for the ugliness of this name. Any girl given it, will spend their lives waiting to change it.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2007

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