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Talk show hostess Ricki Lake is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2005
For women, Ricki is the pet name of Richelle.
equestian  12/26/2006
Love this as a girl's name. Unfortunately, there's a boy in my year at school called Rikki, and he's Satan's twelve year old incarnation. It's put me off any variaton of this name for boys.
DontDissMadison  5/1/2007
I don't really even like this boyish nickname for a guy, and I absolutely hate it for a girl. It's far too masculine, and it doesn't sound all that edgy and spunky either. If your name is Erica, it would be better if you at least went by Rica. This name only sounds okay on young guys and tomboyish girls, not really on grown-ups, especially women, even if they are androgynous.
slight night shiver  5/4/2008
"Ricki" reads as completely feminine to me. Guys are better off with the "Ricky" spelling.
elizabeth hamlet  3/11/2009
My name is Erin and Ricki is my nickname. My dad's name is Eric so that is where I got the nickname. Ricki is completely feminine to me. It's an adorable nickname.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2013
I prefer this as a masculine name, spelled Ricky. Only as a nickname for Richard, of course.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2013
I find this spelling strictly feminine, but I only like it as a nickname for Erica or something along those lines. As an independent girl's name I think it's one of the ugliest.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2015
The I is feminine. Leave this to the girls. For a boy spell it Ricky.
Eileen1209864  6/8/2016

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