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Daisy Ridley is a British actress. She's starring in the new Star Wars trilogy.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2016
Ridley is the name of a (female) character from "The Caster Chronicles."
Martha Gold  7/27/2013
Ridley Pearson is an American author, you may know him for writing books like "Peter and the Starcatchers".
― Anonymous User  9/25/2008
Ridley is a minor character in Christopher Paolini's books.
Carriebear_Nocare  1/23/2008
Ridley is also the name of a dragon-like alien in Nintendo's Metroid series in which he and another boss named Kraid are two gargantuan leaders of a space pirate group that the focalcharacter Samus Aran must destroy before reaching the Motherbrain. In the Metroid Prime trilogy, Ridley was revived with a metal coating, thus being renamed as "Meta-Ridley".
MetaRidley06  8/12/2007
Ridley Silverlake from 'Radiata Stories' the video game (PS2) bears this name. Incidentally, she's a girl.
Chandra Sri  11/18/2006
Film director Ridley Scott is a famous bearer.
Elphi  1/5/2006

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