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It's a new name, people nowdays give this name to their children, but not until 1990's.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2006
It could also be a variant of Rico.
Pippin  3/29/2008
Riko can also mean "clever" in Japanese. In polite speech, I think.
Dianaisme12  12/13/2009
This can also be used for male japanese. My grandfather and me are using the same name. Ri- has the same meaning, but -ko(u)can have dozens of meanings.
Powerfrosch  10/10/2012
Riko Yoshida is a Japanese child actress. She is represented by Moon the Child Agency. Her representative works includes the television series Oh! My Girl!, Hanayome to Papa and Yamada Taro Monogatari.
cutenose  1/13/2017
Riko Tachibana is a popular award-winning Japanese adult video idol and gravure model. Taller than average, Tachibana debuted in 2003 and starred in many adult videos which emphasized her height. An extremely prolific actress, Tachibana had performed in over 200 AVs when she was awarded for Most Appearances at Japan's Adult Broadcasting Awards in 2007. Tachibana retired in March 2008.
cutenose  1/15/2017
Riko Narumi is a Japanese actress and model.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Riko Higashio is a Japanese professional golfer and former member of the LPGA Tour. Higashio was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. As a teenager, she won the 1993 Japan Amateur Championship and the 1994 Japan Junior Championship.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Riko Sawayanagi is a Japanese tennis player from Hakodate, Hokkaido. She has won two ITF titles, including a $75,000 doubles tournament.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Riko Mizuno is a Los Angeles gallerist, art dealer, and artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan, she moved to Los Angeles in the 1950s to study ceramics at Chouinard Art Institute. Between 1966 and 1984, Mizuno operated galleries at several locations in Los Angeles.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Riko Korie is a female Japanese illustrator, and is one of the members of Kero Q and Makura.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Riko Miyagi is a Japanese manga artist. Riko was born in Tokyo.
cutenose  4/7/2017
Not just a girl's name.
Tatumarore  6/1/2017

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