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Rin Matsuoka is a male character from the anime Free! (ayo homeboy looks like shark week- I ain't messing with that).
cecithegoat  5/20/2018
Rin is a really cute name, I like its sound! It's simple and short but it's beautiful. I love a character named Rin Yamazaki, from Mermaid Swamp.
SilverSatan  5/19/2018
In the end we all ended up here searching for our Waifu's name meaning.
OverDDOS  3/29/2018
Rin is a character from the series Naruto.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
Rin Kido is Tsubomi Kido's older sister that dies in a house fire. This fire is how Tsubomi Kido got the Snake of Concealing Eyes.
TNTChan  12/5/2017
I'm currently writing a book of the Snow Queen's daughter, "The Snow Princess". Despite the usage in most anime and manga, I took this meaning and made it the name of the Snow Queen.
TNTChan  12/2/2017
Rin is also the name of a character from the anime 'Free!' (At least, I think that's the name of the anime... It's a swimming anime).
― Anonymous User  9/22/2017
Rin Takanashi is a Japanese film and television actress. Takanashi starred in the 2007 film adaptation of the Japanese novel Goth as one of the lead characters, Yoru Morino. She starred in the 2009 Super Sentai series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as one of the lead characters, Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink. She starred in Kamen Rider W Returns in July 2011. Rin Takanashi is part of the gravure idol group, Pink Jam Princess, with four others.
lilolaf  7/3/2017
Rin Kono is a Japanese professional Go player.

Rin Kono grew up as one of Koichi Kobayashi's students. He became a professional when he was 15 in 1996. He was promoted to 8 dan after beating Keigo Yamashita to win the Tengen in 2005. He was promoted to 9 dan after defending his Tengen title, once more against Yamashita.
lilolaf  1/24/2017
In the names Rin and Len (from Vocaloid), the names are a pun on right and left and were probably somewhat derived from English.
Lenostrich  11/6/2016
Two bearers I just thought of. Rin Suzune from senran kagura and Rin Tosaka from fate/stay night.
miyamosuiren  6/10/2016
REEN sounds too snotty and it just hurts my ears. That's why I prefer pronouncing it RIN.
lilolaf  1/9/2016
My name is Katherine. I kinda want to go by Rin now.
Katherinew12  11/8/2015
Rin is the name of a well known anime character, from the anime 'Blue Exorcist', and he is actually male even though this says the name is feminine.
kaschill7  6/12/2015
Kusakabe Rin from Accel World and Tousaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night.
bedamijo  8/18/2013
Another kanji for this name is 綸 which means "silk cloth."
bedamijo  8/18/2013
Pronounced "ṘEEN."
― Anonymous User  7/2/2013
Kagamine Rin is a Japanese Vocaloid, she's the twin sister of Len (both of them are number 02).
blondieboo629  12/10/2011
Rinna "Rin" is a main character in Shannon Hale's book "Forest Born".
guardgirl15  6/20/2011
People always give the bad meaning of this name, and it's not okay. "Rin" also has lovely meanings.

If you write it " 鈴 " it means "bell". And if you write it like I write my name: " 琳 " it means "Jewel".

See? It doesn't have to be such a depressing name!
rinnnano  9/7/2010
Orin/Rin Kaenbyou of the Touhou Project bears this name.
Dianaisme12  8/29/2010
Rin Kokonoe is the main character in the lolicon anime/manga series "Kodomo No Jikan".
Dianaisme12  10/25/2009
The character Rin from Shinbokuji Youmonogatari ruined this name in my opinion.
Dianaisme12  9/12/2009
I like how it could be a nickname for Kathryn and thereby have two meanings.
flamestar  7/18/2009
I love the name Rin because it's simple, beautiful, and for the meaning behind it. There are not enough names in this world that have negative meanings. I looked all over the place for a feminine name that meant evil, but Rin was as close as I could get.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2008
林 can also be pronounced Rin, and means woods or forest. However, as far as I can discern, it is usually pronounced hayashi in surnames.
earthnut  2/26/2008
Rin doesn't simply mean "cold, severe". Rinretsu 凛冽 for example means "cold" (and really freezing, ice cold), but Rin 凛 or ririshii 凛々しい can also mean "dignified, gallant, courageous, handsome etc". [noted -ed]

The pronunciation is very close to "Lynn".
minikui  1/9/2008
Since so many people are mentioning Rin from Inuyasha, it's important to note two things: first of all, the actual name is pronounced "reen", while in most dubbed versions of Inuyasha they pronounce the name "ren" (like the name Ren). Secondly, in Inuyasha Rin's name is spelled with hirigana -‚è‚ñ- so it doesn't mean "cold", it actually has no meaning.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2007
I didn't know it could mean "cold". I was more thinking of "bell". The kanji for "wood" can also be pronounced Rin, but I don't know if it is used for names.
Yume Hanabi  2/19/2007
I think its a nice a name. Though the meaning doesn't suit the people who have this name in many anime. Like Rin from Naruto, her name doens't really fit with the meaning 'Cold.' Another example is Rin from Inuyasha, she is cheerful and doesn't fit with 'Cold.'
― Anonymous User  6/28/2006
Rin also means "park".
DarkShizuka  4/18/2006
Rin is the nickname of a character in the manga, "Fruits Basket." Rin's real name is Isuzu, which means "bell." She's nicknamed Rin because of the sound a bell makes (ring ring, get it?).
gorgen_kally  2/18/2006
I don't think it's that common of a name though. Manga and anime are a poor reflection of reality.
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
Rin was a little girl that stood by Inuyasha's evil brother Sesshomaru, although she is a kind and warm-hearted little girl in the manga/anime series 'Inuyasha'.
danluver46  7/11/2005

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