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This is the name of an NPC on the online game Gaia Online.
Tsuki  7/23/2007
Rina is the name of a character in the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni.
Zeredek  7/26/2009
Rina Aiuchi is a famous bearer of this name. She is a popular J-Pop singer.
Wunderkind_Princess  1/25/2010
Rina Chinen is a former Japanese singer, popular in the late 90's-early 00's.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2013
Rina Aiuchi is a Japanese pop singer and songwriter. She wrote her own lyrics to her songs and self-produced in the last few years before retirement. She was previously affiliated with the Giza Studio recording label.
cutenose  5/25/2016
Rina Koike is a Japanese actress and idol affiliated with Very Berry Production. Koike started a junior idol career with the DVD Big Brother at age 10, when she was in 4th grade. Koike also works for Very Berry Production as a model. Koike Rina had a role on the live-action version of Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She plays the character Sailor Luna, as Luna transforms to a young girl later on in the series.
lilolaf  4/13/2017
Rina Aizawa is a Japanese actress and gravure idol signed under Box Corporation. She debuted in 2008 in the TV Asahi's tokusatsu series Engine Sentai Go-onger as Saki Rōyama/Go-on Yellow.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Akiyama is a Japanese actress, gravure idol, and tarento from Tokyo. Her most notable appearances are in two Kamen Rider Series, namely Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Den-O. She also has a cameo appearance in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in which she is featured in a poster on one of the levels. She has also been named to have the "Best Butt in Japan" in 2007, which earned her the nickname "Oshirina", a portmanteau of the words "oshiri" and "Rina". On 30 June 2015, she married boat racer Shoshi Goto. On 19 February 2016, she gave birth to a boy.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Nagasaki is a Japanese gravure idol, born in Tokyo on September 26, 1987.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Nakanishi is a former singer for the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, and former adult video idol, using the name Rico Yamaguchi.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Satō is a Japanese voice actress and singer who works for Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society. She won the Best Lead Actress Award in the 8th Seiyu Awards. She voiced Tsutako Takeshima in Maria-sama ga Miteru, Negi Springfield in Negima!, Mikoto Misaka in A Certain Magical Index, and Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon Crystal. In video games she voices Yūki Kusakabe in To Heart2, Esty Dee in Atelier, Kaoru Tanamachi in Amagami, and Vert in Hyperdimension Neptunia.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Uchiyama is a Japanese actress and idol. Uchiyama was first discovered in her hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture by the talent agency Sweet Power at the age of 15. She was signed up by the agency, and in 1998, moved to Tokyo to launch her career in the entertainment industry.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Suzuki, known for both her full name or by her stage name RINA, is a Japanese rock musician. She is the drummer and occasional vocalist of the Japanese rock band Scandal. Suzuki is also part of a supergroup called Halloween Junky Orchestra led by established musicians such as Hyde and K.A. Z of Vamps for their October 2012 hit single Halloween Party.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Rina Akiyama, is a paralympic swimmer from Japan competing mainly in category S11 events. Rina competed as part of the Japanese Paralympic swimming team at two Paralympics, firstly in 2004 and then again in 2008. In 2004, she finished sixth in the 200m individual medley, sixth in her heat in the 50m freestyle, fifth in the 100m freestyle heat, eighth in the final of the 100m breaststroke. At the 2004 games she improved to finish second behind Qimeng Dong of China who swam a 100m backstroke world record she also finished eighth in the 50m freestyle and finished fifth in her heat of the 100m freestyle.
cutenose  6/16/2017
Rina Takeda (born June 15, 1991) is a Japanese actress and martial artist
Gregory Woodrow  4/22/2018

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