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Rio is a man's name? Well Duran Duran's famous song "Rio" was about a woman called Rio ("Her name is Rio and she dances in the sand...."). So can it be a girls name.
-- cyndi  3/23/2005
Also 80's singer Yess (she sings "the only way is up" by the way) has a daughter called Rio.
-- cyndi  3/23/2005
Rio Ferdinand is a famous football player in the UK. He plays for Manchester United.
-- aggy  4/12/2006
If I have a daughter, I want to name her Rio. I think that it is such a lovely name, along with it being a beautiful Duran Duran song. :)
-- khaotickharma  4/24/2006
Quite pathetic and again, not a given name.
-- bananarama  3/29/2009
Rio Pacheco is one of the main characters of the 80s TV show "Jem and the Holograms".
-- CarolinW  3/18/2010
A movie called Rio is coming out about parrots or some tropical birds trying to get to Rio de Janeiro. I'm not sure but I think the main character bird is named Rio too. So now I picture a blue parrot with the name Rio.
-- jeannie.  3/3/2011
Love it. Only on a boy though.
-- FlakyMatt  6/19/2011
I like this name for a boy. It would only look good on a Hispanic boy though. It's pretty cute and I can see a middle aged or elder man with it too:)
-- Anonymous User  1/2/2012
I am Brazilian, and even though I've enjoyed visiting Rio de Janeiro, I don't think I'd name my kid after it. It would look ridiculous. Besides, to a lot of people, "Rio" reminds them of Hollywood's weird image of Brazil - you know, soccer, favelas, and women wearing fruit hats.
-- Buneary  10/21/2012
I find the name Rio pathetic and uninspiring. It sounds puny compared to the name Leo.
-- Anonymous User  11/7/2014
I seriously don't know what the heck I was thinking before because I REALLY ♥ the name Rio for a boy now! I adore both the names Leo and Rio equally. :D.
-- Anonymous User  8/30/2015
I really like the name Rio for a girl. It sounds exotic and it does bring back memories of the song by Duran Duran. If you're Spanish, maybe you only view it as a boy's name. I'm not Spanish and don't think of River. Rio is a very popular name for girls in Japan, which translates to "Jasmine" in English. So, view it how you wish. I picture it as a beautiful girls name.
-- g4mobile  2/17/2015
Who would name their kid after the capital of a country with such a patriarchal, misogynistic culture?
-- TyrannosaurusRegina  10/1/2015
I went to school with a male classmate named this and his name was said just like "Leo" except with an "R" instead of an "L"
-- Anonymous User  4/27/2016
The name Rio was given to 103 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/22/2016

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