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Roberta Flack, the soul singer who sang the original version of "Killing Me Softly with His Song".
-- Anonymous User  12/14/2005
Joni Mitchell's birth name was Roberta Joan Anderson.
-- ars musica  4/7/2006
Roberta is a Spanish name too. Ro-BEHR-ta.
[noted -ed]
-- Keira_111  10/9/2006
Roberta Pardo Rey/Reverte Rey is the character played by Dulce Maria in the Mexican telenovela "Rebelde".
-- 6diablesse6  12/30/2006
My parents considered it for me, but then dropped it because my father's name is Roberto and it would have been awkward. I'm very glad they did - I don't like how it sounds. Weirdly enough, the same does not apply to the masculine form.
-- Anonymous User  2/7/2007
Roberta´s pet forms are Robin, Berta, Bertine, Bobby.
-- Karcoolka  3/22/2007
I don't know why, but this name sounds scarily masculine to me.
-- Anonymous User  6/16/2007
Roberta is the main character in the children's novel 'The Railway Children,' though she abbreviates it to Bobby. I like this name because it is unusual, both tomboyish and feminine, and as I love the book and film it has good associations for me.
-- gwells  7/26/2007
I actually quite like this name. The nicknames Bobby or Robbie are cool for a pinch. And yes, the full name is harsh, but I really like the name for the nicknames.
-- spaz123  3/4/2008
Another nickname could be "Birdie."
-- sweetkit  4/5/2008
My friend's name is Roberta, but we all call her Bobbie. I think it's very cute!
-- Ravynne  8/21/2009
Vivian Vance's middle name was Roberta.
-- HugeFanOfVivVance  8/12/2011
I love this name! It just rolls off the tongue so well, and it's so pretty! I don't like the masculine 'Robert,' but this is just lovely. It may be a bit old fashioned, but I don't think it's lost it's touch. I'd like to use this name on one of my future daughters (if I have any.) At least as a middle name. ♥.
-- Justine_Adrian  12/2/2011
Roberta was the twin sister to American actor Montgomery Clift.
-- Anonymous User  12/12/2011
The name Roberta was given to 57 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013

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