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I love the medieval-fantasy sound of it. Strong and simple. I of course prefer it for a boy.
Renfawel  7/3/2007
It is also a Gaelic name derived from Ruadhan. It is 164 in the UK charts and popular in Scotland.
Lien-Hua  9/24/2007
The name Rohan is a legitimate spelling of "Rowan" (pronounced simply "Row-an") and originated in Scotland (centuries before Lord of the Rings and totally unrelated to the Indian Sanskrit version pronounced "Ro-han"). Whereas Rowan can be masculine or feminine, Rohan is only masculine.
pippamather  1/5/2009
As a British name, Rohan is a derivative of "Rowan" (pronounced the same, i.e. "Ro-wan"). It originates in Scotland meaning "red haired" and is unrelated to the Indian/Sanskrit version (pronounced "Ro-han"). Unfortunately thanks to Lord of the Rings a lot of people will now pronounce the British version incorrectly!
pippamather  1/5/2009
I've heard that it means 'sun'.
PandoraPandora  6/11/2010
Rohan, in addition to being Sanskrit, also means "sun" in Romany.
erb816  11/26/2010
Rohan is also an alternate spelling of the Irish Rowan, or an anglicized form of the Irish personal name Ruadhán/Ruadhain "red/red haired".
yipiyuk  5/27/2011
Rohan Marley is a son of the late reggae artist Bob Marley. He has five children with hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill.
bibi66  1/31/2013
A Sanskrit baby boy's name (can be unisex as well) meaning ascending, or healing, medicine, sandalwood. Derived from the Sanskrit word "rohana" which means ascending.
Scriptwing  12/29/2016
The name Rohan was given to 327 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017

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