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Namesakes for Roland
Fictional Characters from Traditional Tales: 1 hero
      Roland   French  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
      (soccer) Guy N'Dy Assembé (a.k.a. Roland)   1986-  
Notable Filmmakers: 1 director
      Roland Emmerich   1955-  
Notable Military Figures: 1 officer
      Roland   ?-778  
Notable Musicians: 1 composer
      Orlande de Lassus (a.k.a. Roland)   c. 1532-1594    
Olympic Medalists: 1 gold, 1 silver
      (silver) Allain Roy (a.k.a. Roland)   1994   ice hockey  
      (gold) Roland Kökény   2012   canoe sprint  
Saints: 1 blessed
      Blessed Orlando of Medicis (a.k.a. Roland)   ?-1386  
Title Characters: 1 song
      (song) Roland   1976   Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner