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Actress Romola Garai (1982-present) of English descent. Named because her mother liked the name.
redvelvetjacket  5/17/2005
Romola is pronounced r(o)-mo-la.
sarahlauren  9/19/2007
The meaning of the name is "Roman Woman".
sarahlauren  9/19/2007
'Romola' is a book written by George Eliot in the 1860s. Probably her most underrated novel, it is set in the 1490s. Romola is the protagonist.
Surreal  11/23/2007
The Italian pronunciation is RO-mo-lah. It can also be pronounced RAWM-ə-lə in English (like English actress Romola Garai). [noted -ed]
Kate  9/20/2012

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