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Actress Rosabell Laurentis Sellers (b. 1996) is a famous bearer of a variant spelling.
erb816  11/28/2017
Rosabel is one of the only "combination" names I actually like. It sounds like a name by itself, and not like two names smashed together ("Kaylee," "Marianne," etc.).

Given the surge in popularity of Isabella / Isabelle / etc. in the Anglophone world, I'm quite surprised Rosabel / Rosabelle hasn't cracked the Top 1000 by now.
erb816  12/2/2015
This name is also commonly used in Latin America, where it typically is a combination of the given names Rosa and Isabel.

Latin American variant forms of the name include Rosabela and Rosibel.
Lucille  10/4/2015
I think this is a beautiful name. I also like the spelling Rosabelle. In that form it means "beautiful rose."
britto08  10/15/2009
This name is VERY BEAUTIFUL :)

However, it reminds me of one of the characters from the channel "Treehouse" that I used to watched when I was a kid. The hosts (I think) were named Rosabel and Tansey (They were the Commercials things that would come up).
― Anonymous User  7/28/2009
My great grandmother's name was spelled "Rosa Bell" with the "Bell" as a middle name that sometimes used with "Rosa". It think it's a pretty, classic combination. It rolls off the tongue.
serafina  1/11/2009
I think this spelling is a lot cleaner and classier than Rosabelle.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2008
I think Rosabel is gorgeous. It's less common in the first name place than Isabel, and a quirky alternative to the popular middle name Rose.
bashfulgrl19  3/2/2007

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