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This name is not used in France.
Miss Claire  1/16/2005
This name was used in France - very little though - in the early 20th century. It "peaked" in the 1950s, with 35 children given the name.
sarahj  8/25/2007
I am so thankful I found this beautiful name. I am going to use it as a middle name for my future daughter. After finding it here, I googled it, and it seems there are quite a few female Rosaires around. LOVE IT!
kookiemonster71  7/10/2008
I really like this! To me, it sounds like a masculine name, but with a feminine meaning, so it really could go either way. It seems aristocratic almost and when I think of this name I think of a tall man from the 1800s.
MajiDeHikari  4/15/2009
I found this name by accident, and I'm surprised that it's listed solely as a masculine name. It looks and sounds feminine to me. (And I'm semi-fluent in French, so I'm not trying to butcher French names/vocabulary, or anything.) I like it a lot as a feminine name.
erb816  11/13/2010
The spelling does look a tad feminine, but I love this as a masculine name.
EchoSketcher  6/21/2011
Not given in France.
luxsword  4/28/2014
To those who wrote that the name is not given in France: right, it's more of a Quebecois name. Different culture, history, and use of the French language. It was my partner's grandfather's name in Quebec.
Lulu M  5/13/2016
Knew a Rosaire. Sweetest, kindest, most gentle fellow I ever met. Such a beautiful soul. He's not around anymore, but I still love him. In turn, I love the name. So beautiful.
And yes, he was French. The name is used in France.
Emily O  7/26/2016

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