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As you see, my username is Rosalia. That's my name, and I love it. I was named after my grandmother. Rosalia is a Sicilian saint that had a story. I'll tell you that story.

Before Rosalia was a saint, she was a princess in the 12th century of Palermo, Sicily of Italy. Rosalia was very much in love with God. At an age, she had an arranged marriage. She didn't want to marry the man, though. She told her parents that she would run away with God to a cave. Of natural causes, she died.

In the 17th-century, the plague went around. One day, a hunter had a vision of her. He found her, and then the plague stopped.

So that's the story of Santa Rosalia. I hoped you enjoyed it!
Rosalia  12/30/2006
Rosalia is a character of Pietro Germi's film "Divorce Italian style", Ferdinando's (Marcello Mastroianni) ugly and unbearable wife.
presentperfect  11/11/2010
Rosalia "Rose" Rossellini is a character in Atlus' Trauma Center: Trauma Team video game for the Nintendo Wii.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2014

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