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Rosella is the name of King Graham and Queen Valanice's daughter in the King's Quest computer games.
out of the sky  9/21/2007
In the movie "Barbie as the Island Princess" there was a princess named Rosella. She was shipwrecked on an island.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2007
Rossella Como (Born: January 29, 1939, Died: December 20, 1986) was an Italian actress and TV personality.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2014
Rosella is the name of an Italian fairy tale from the Pentamerone. Rosella, the titular character, is a sultan's daughter who falls in love with a prince who is selected to sacrifice himself to her father so he can bathe in his blood to cure his leprosy.
Buneary  11/13/2016
Rosella Sensi (born 18 December 1971 in Rome) is an entrepreneur and Italian professional sports executive.
Aledis  7/31/2017

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