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Romy Schneider was a famous Austrian actress (Sissi). Her real name was: Rosemarie Magdalena Albach.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2005
"Rose Marie" is an OLD movie starring Jeanette McDonald in the title role and Nelson Eddy.
breakofday  12/16/2005
Pronounced RO-suh-mah-ree in Germany. Considered old fashioned, rarely used on babies today.
[noted -ed]
JHK  9/3/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Rosemarie here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Rosemarie appeared on the top 1000 list from 1910 to 1980. Its most popular year was 1930's where it ranked 135.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2006
I love this name, it is so much prettier than Rosemary.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2009
Rosemarie is the daughter of the giver who committed suicide in Lois Lowry's novel "The Giver".
camilana646  3/27/2009
I must say, I much prefer this to Rosemary, which (though the name of a spice, and I like spice names) sounds quite old fashioned. Keep in mind, I'm going by the English pronunciation: ROHZ-muh-ree.
erb816  7/20/2009
This name has also been used frequently in The Netherlands. While it might still be used sometimes nowadays, it is rather rare and other forms like Roosmarijn and Rozemarijn are much more common.
Lucille  3/19/2010
Rose-Marie is the main character in the Vampire Academy series. She is gutsy , strong and opinionated. She goes by Rose. I love this name it makes me think of someone who is dark haired with rosy cheeks probably because of the character.
Isabella Maria  8/13/2010
This is an old name, like from the Victorian age. I still think it is beautiful.
Trexa  10/17/2010
Lovely name. I know someone with this name, and we just call her "Ro".
Dawson  12/18/2010
Seems like a good middle name if you can't decide between Rose or Marie.
MirandaIrie  6/25/2011
Very pretty, but it seems kind of long.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2013
Pretty, though I agree with the comment saying it's a little long. If its really that big of a deal, they can just go by Rose/Rosie or Marie. I want to name my daughter Marie Rose :)
Oohvintage  2/23/2013
This name is also used in France.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
Also seems to be fairly common in the Philippines where Roman Catholicism represents the predominant religion.
ars musica  7/27/2014
Rosemarie is such a classy and beautiful name. 10/10. :)
― Anonymous User  3/14/2015
English pronunciation is "Rose-mə-ree".
― Anonymous User  3/14/2015
The name Rosemarie was given to 133 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
I named my daughter Rosemarie in 2014 and still everyone says that is such a beautiful name and all the older ladies love to hear it when they ask me. It's a lot better name than these names nowadays.
Jimenez04  11/17/2016
Rosalie Marie Auguste Nitribitt, better known as Rosemarie Nitribitt, was a German luxury call girl whose violent death caused a scandal in the Germany of the Wirtschaftswunder years. The case gave rise to a novel, three movies and a musical.
cutenose  5/4/2017
I think it's a very beautiful name. I see how it could easily be mispronounced.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2017

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