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There was some German movie about football and this reporter's wife wanted to name her first daughter Roswitha if the team lost.
lunalovegood  9/15/2006
This name is pronounced roz-WEE-tah in German.
Hunaja  2/24/2007
Actually, Hunaja, Roswitha is pronounced "Ros-VEE-tah" with a hard "R". The letter "W" is not pronounced in German.
lunalovegood  3/25/2007
Actually, the pronunciation is roz-VI-tah.
that one  11/9/2010
I love this name! It's so cute! It's the name of my cat in a fanfiction I'm writing! :)
blondieboo629  12/15/2011
Personally I think this name is very beautiful. Its got a nice sound.
Gio123  11/9/2013
The most notable bearer was Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, 10th century dramatist and poet. She is considered by some to be the first person since antiquity to compose drama in the Latin West. Other possible variants of the name are Hrosvite, Hroswitha, Hroswithe, Rhotswitha, Roswit. One of her poems Theophilus (a "deal with the Devil" legend) considered to be the prototype for a future story about Faust.
Peregosha  2/1/2018

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