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Like Audrey with a R- in front? Rowr-jree?
VictoriaCalledTori  5/5/2007
Are you serious? It's pronounced Rory. It says it right on the page.
1crzychick  6/18/2007
Can be said Rear-ee.
Clodagh  10/27/2007
Actually, I thought it was pronounced Roo-uh-ree, but I could be wrong.
lunalovegood  12/3/2007
Technically, by Gaelic pronunciation, it is rOO-uh-rEE, however because the "aidh" is guttural and is lightly sounded when not speaking slowly, the name can sound like rOO-rEE to people unaccustomed to Gaelic pronunciation.
SeanAisteach  3/5/2009
Roo-eh-ree (with emphasis on first syllable).
rmccormack  3/31/2016
LMS  5/16/2016

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