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Come on, at least spell it right. This looks like ''ROO-bye'' instead of ''ROO-bee''.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
"Hi, Rubye!"
"What, why're you leaving? You just said hi!"
Oy, this is a terrible, terrible way to spell Ruby.
erb816  7/25/2009
This spelling is ridiculous, and it looks like it should be pronounced roo-BYE and not ROO-bee.
Starshelle  3/29/2010
This is a more modern spelling of the name Ruby. I prefer Ruby, but Rubye is also great. However, I know a girl named Rubye and she says people always pronounce her name wrong!
Joy12  5/3/2011
I can't stand this name. It looks like the word ribeye, like a ribeye steak, combined with the word rub. Rub the ribeye. I don't think that's the best name in the world. Just stay simple, unexaggerated, and classic and stick with Ruby. The 'e' ruins it.
Skygray15  11/28/2013
This spelling is an eyesore. It looks like it should be pronounced Roob-YEE or Roob-YEH, not ROOB-ee. I kind of like the alternate spelling Rubi, but Rubye just looks wrong.
Anyechka  9/14/2016

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