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A famous bearer is Rufus Scrimgeour, the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
-- HebrideanBlack  8/15/2005
A famous bearer of this name is Rufus Wainwright, the Canadian/American musician.
-- DearPrudence  10/31/2005
Another notable bearer of this name is Marcus Brutus, friend and murderer (among others) of Julius Caesar.
-- 2.5GHz-FCS-UT  12/6/2005
Actor Rufus Sewell (Zorro 2 - he's better than the film was).
-- hana  1/27/2006
Rufus Shinra is a character in the Final Fantasy VII series.
-- Lyzz  6/16/2006
There was a Revolutionary War general named Rufus Putnam.
-- DLB  8/30/2006
This is the name of the Naked Mole Rat on Kim Possible.
-- blackgoodbye  10/8/2006
Rufus Firefly was the first name of the infamous character played by Groucho Marx in "Duck Soup."
-- Loni_maryrose  6/3/2007
Rufus is a naked mole-rat in the kid's TV show Kim Possible.
-- RazzleDazzle  3/8/2008
Rufus Butterworth, the taxidriver and co-owner of Bert's diner from The Good Guys, played by Bob Denver.
-- Aloicious  1/13/2012
Rufus Thomas, Jr (1917-2001) was an American soul singer.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2013
Rufus Wainwright is a very talented guy, who has a lovely voice, but his first name on the other hand, is ugly, in my opinion; I guess it fits him, at least.
-- Anonymous User  12/27/2014
Rufus is the name of Celie's griffin in Jessica Day George's "Tuesday's in the Castle", although he does not appear until the second book.
-- Peregrin Took  4/15/2016

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