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Additional information about name RUMEN:

Alternative spelling: Roumen
Feminine form: Rumyana, Rumena
Other Scripts: Румен (Bulgarian)
Related names: Rumyan, Rumyana, Rumena
Usage: Bulgarian, Slavic
Origin: Bulgarian, Slavic

Meaning: The name is with Slavic origin and means "strong", "with red cheeks" (or just "red"). The name is most popular in Bulgaria and less used in some other Slavic countries. [noted -ed]
Rumen  11/11/2010
This name is pronounced as ROO-men. [noted -ed]
Lucille  5/30/2012
I really want to like this name, but every time I say it out loud it sounds like "ruminate."
Dessa  5/31/2013
Rumen Radev (1963–), a Bulgarian Major General and the current president of Bulgaria.
highexpectasians  3/11/2017

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