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Sir H. Rider Haggard (1856-1925), author of popular adventure novels such as "King Solomon's Mines".

His name was the inspiration for the old joke about a book called "How to Keep a Woman Happy" by Rider Haggard.

That is now all I can think of when I hear the name Ryder.
keepitreal  1/16/2011
John Ryder, the psychotic serial killer from the classic thriller "The Hitcher", played by Rutger Hauer.
dramaelf  2/3/2010
Red Ryder was a famous fictional cowboy in the 40s. Red Ryder BB guns are an offshoot of his popularity and is the present Raphie Parker desperately wants in the (1983) film _A Christmas Story_" (The one with the leg lamp.) It's also a truck rental company.

You'd have to shoot me with a BB gun several times for me to name my child this.
faye  1/24/2009
Although spelled differently, Rider Strong is an actor who is probably most famous for his role in the US television series "Boy Meets World". His character was Shawn Hunter who was the best friend of Cory Matthews played by Ben Savage. The show ran from 1993-2000 on ABC.

Rider has been in various other television shows for only one episode here and there. He has also been in movies.
reznorsgrrl  12/3/2008
Kate Hudson and her ex-husband Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes have a son called Rider, named after a Black Crowes song.
khaotickharma  11/1/2006

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