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I think girls, boys and dogs should proud to have the name.
ollie  7/22/2006
Another misspelled surname. *massive yawn*
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
Three words: learn to spell!

I cannot stand these misspelled (and mangled) surnames used as given names. Someone needs to take a respect for language course.
gaelruadh19  3/24/2007
What an absolute arse of a spelling!
kneebone  6/27/2007
This spelling is also now becoming popular for boys. (*gagging*)
― Anonymous User  8/3/2007
As if Riley wasn't bad enough.
number1212  4/30/2008
This spelling is going to look very girly and immature on a middle-aged woman. The name isn't pretty to begin with. Riley should be used for boys only, as it simply doesn't sound very sophisticated and mature on women, and that's what even cute tomboys and indie rocker teen girls will be, and the young adult ones of this kind will be older. Not that this name has any edge for them either, as this is overused.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
Okay, now I would like to take the time out to say that I don't believe there is any 'right' way to spell YOUR child's name. That's totally up to you. And I don't think it's right for anyone else to bash the way someone chose to do so. I understand you are exercising your right to freedom of speech, but where does it say the 'right' way to spell a name? If the first person who ever had this named spelled it like this, you would all be arguing about how it's not spelled 'Rylee', right? So there is not a 'right' way.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2008
Don't simplify etymology like that. It makes you sound dense. Rylee is lazy.

I love the declaration by many a parent that is this the feminine spelling. With that logic in mind, Butchyrr is now the feminine version of Butcher.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2009
I love the name Rylee. Is it so wrong to be different? Rylee for a girl is pretty. People need to get over the spelling thing. Spell it how ever you want. Saying it's lazy is like people naming their children Abby or Lexy instead of the long form, is lazy also. People like what they like.
sweetbrandy  3/20/2009
And by that logic you can spell any word how you please. Grow up. If everyone was like you weed bie spelin lyke dis. Illiteracy, I hate it!

Rylee is ugly and very very lazy. A weak attempt at making this tired surname look a bit more fresh only it comes off like cheap clothing with rhinestones.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2009
I love the name Rylee, it's now one of my favorite names. It is actually quite pretty and girly but it would suit a tomboy at the same time it's cute for a kid and a teen. Not so sure for an adult though but if you use a classy elegant middle name then you can't go wrong.
kylaaxx  6/5/2010
Riley is a boy name, plain and simple. It has only become a feminine name in recent years, coinciding with the trend of giving masculine names like Aubrey and Madison to females. Spelling Riley 'Rylee', no matter how many y's and e's you add, is not going to make it sound any more feminine. It may look 'kutyr' and 'gurlyerr', but it all sounds the same, and although it ends in -ey, Riley sounds strictly masculine to me. It's all the same when spoken aloud, and when you call out Rylee at the park, all the male and female Riley's Reilly's rylie's, rhylee's, ryleigh's, and Rylee's will turn around.
― Anonymous User  7/2/2013
I like this spelling of the name as I think it looks more feminine than Riley. I do not care that it does not sound any different. I care that it looks different. Aaron and Erin both sound the same. They are just spelled differently. This spelling is more commonly used on girls, so most people in the US would assume the person was a female. Names mature as people mature. When most people picture a Jennifer, they imagine a woman in her 30's or 40's. They do not picture an 80 year old woman; however, some day those women in their 30's and 40's will be 80 year old women. The same is true for the teenage Rylee's.
heatherfeather  10/2/2014
I can't believe people actually name their children these tacky names. If I was interviewing someone for a job with this name, I would immediately decline them the offer.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2015
I made this account just to address the rude people talking bad about my name. It's a great name and I'm proud and happy to have it. You people obviously have no lives to be so foul. Rylee is a versatile name and is spelled different ways and this happens to be one of them. What if I went and dissed all of your names? It's not okay.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2015
My name is not Rylee, but my best friend's is. I made this account specifically to address the extremely rude comments about the name Rylee, because I'm frankly disgusted by the amount of comments claiming that this is a misspelled name that conveys ignorance, childishness, and laziness. Those who said the name is too childish for an adult simply didn't consider that "Rylee" brings joy to those who hear it. "Rylee" as an adult gives the feeling of energy and happiness, which is sure to come to my friend in old age. Rylee is a beautiful name that any child would be lucky to have. Calling the parents of a Rylee lazy and illiterate is an invalid argument altogether because "Rylee" and "Riley" have the same number of letters, and the pronunciation perfectly abides by the basic rules of English grammar. As for Ignorance, the Rylee I know is extremely smart, smart (and forgiving) enough to not punch someone in the throat every time they misspell or make fun of her name.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2015
The name Rylee was given to 173 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
What an ugly, babyish, obnoxious, trendoid misspelling of an already trendy name! This spelling also makes me want to pronounce it Ry-LEE, not RY-lee. Standard spellings are used for a reason, not on a whim!
Anyechka  12/13/2016
My name is Rylee and I'm a girl. And I have always been self conscious about my name. I hate meeting new people and telling them my name is Rylee because they immediately say "But isn't that a boy's name?". I also hate when teachers, dentists and doctors take one look at my name and assume I'm a boy. Not only have I been self conscious about my name, I've been curious as to where my name originated from. And I come here to see people complaining about how it's spelt differently. NEWS FLASH, 'Riley' and 'Rylee' still have the same amount of letters. Is it really going to upset you that instead of an "i" there's an extra 'e'? I've only recently come to terms that my name is quite unique for a girl, and I'm still yet to meet a girl with the name Rylee that's spelt the same way. I love my name and I can't believe people like you lot made me ashamed of it. People like you made me convinced when I was older I was gonna change my name to something else. But I don't need to. It's a cool name. And I'm grateful I've been given this name. Oh, and another thing, my parents aren't lazy or illiterate for spelling Rylee this way. My parents wanted me to be different from everybody else. They wanted an unusual name that wasn't something so typical and common like 'Kate', 'Sarah', and 'Elizabeth'. I'm glad I'm different and I don't need anybody to put down me or my name. Rylee is a beautiful name and it's sad that people can't see its originality.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2016
As a Rylee myself, I am absolutely appalled by these comments saying that this spelling is "lazy" or "immature." My mom's name was actually an alternative spelling name, so she wanted to make mine the same way. I can tell you that having this name does not mean you can't be seen as a mature woman. In fact, I graduated as a Salutatorian and was one of the few actually mature kids in my class. I also find it disgusting that people are bashing other people's choices. What if your name was something super common and generic like Kate or something, and I go make fun of it because of how old it sounds. Exactly. Plus, what if you had a child and they meet a new best friend at school named Rylee? You can't just not let your kid be friends with them or not let them hang out with them at all. A name is a name, and someone else's opinion. Rylee and Riley have the same amount of letters, so how does that make it lazy? You're just trading 2 letters. It's not like saying, "Oh, my kids name is Rylee, it's spelt Ryialininee," or something crazy like that. I, in fact, love my name and am proud to have it.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2017
I really prefer classic spellings, and Rylee does not look right with the Lee and the Y in the middle of the name. I also dislike Baylee, Kaylee, and Haylee, and they are spelled similarly. As if Riley on a girl wasn't bad enough, the spelling Reilly is best for a boy, not Rylee.
XironDarkstar  9/30/2017
Rylee is a girl name. People make fun of me because my name is also a boy name, so stop saying it is not a girl name because it is!
Rylee12345688  11/3/2017

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