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This is used in the Fake series of manga for the lead character.
Phoenix Boy  3/30/2005
This one's a little hard to pronounce correctly. It is NOT pronounced ree-oh; try to say just "ryoh," one syllable.
Phoenix Flower  10/4/2005
Kanji possibilities (actually, it's a long o sound and would be written "ryou" in Japanese):

Girls' name with "ryo":

Boys' names with "ryo":

One of the meaning possibilities is "good/fine".
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
Ryo is the name of a character in the anime Tokyo Mew Mew, except his name is spelled with a "u" at the end.
Kurisutaru  2/17/2006
A famous bearer is Ryo Akiyama from Digimon Tamers. Ryo is also known as 'The Digimon King'.
blackthorn93  2/13/2007
Can also mean "dragon".
Yume Hanabi  2/19/2007
May also mean "clear or bright". Shishido Ryo and Kisarazu Ryo are both from the anime Prince of Tennis.
rikkai_tensai  4/16/2007
Nishikido Ryo is a famous Jpop singer.
Misao  4/12/2008
Interesting... I would never use it a I am not of Japanese decent. I have engaged in role-plays in the past that included characters by the name of "Ryo." A decent name-- simple, straight forward, but must be used according to ethnic origin.
Francesca  5/27/2011
This is extremely difficult to pronounce. It almost sounds like the name Joe. The R is pronounced like a mixture of a D, J and L and it only has one syllable.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2011
The kanji shown here for Ryō are actually used on both genders.
Other kanji like 良, 了 and 亮 are also used on both genders.

Regarding its popularity, Ryō is more popular for boys than girls in 2014.
For boys, the one with 諒 is in 23rd place followed by 遼 (26th) and 涼 (51st).
For girls, only the one with 涼 made it to the top 1000 at 698th place.

Popularity source: &
m4yb3_daijirou  1/28/2015
Going back to what I've said in the previous comment, Ryō is being used for both boys and girls but it's mostly given to boys.

Back in the olden days though, Ryō was used as a girl's name. Based on some research that I've done (gathering names from passenger lists and US census data), Ryō was a pretty uncommon name to have in the late Edo period and the Meiji & Taishō periods.

2 syllable names were preferred at the time, more so before the Meiji period, which is why Ryō was seen as a girl's name. Towards the 2nd half of the Meiji period and the Taishō period, those types of names were quickly shunted out in popularity by names ending in *ko.
m4yb3_daijirou  6/28/2015
Ryo Hatsuse is a Japanese football player. He currently plays for Gamba Osaka in the J1 League.
cutenose  1/27/2017
Ryo Hayami born November 14, 1949 in Kimitsu, Chiba, Japan is a Japanese actor known for playing the hero Keisuke Jin in the tokusatsu superhero series Kamen Rider X.
cutenose  2/4/2017
Ryo Hitomi is a Japanese AV idol, gravure model, singer, author and television personality.
lilolaf  2/9/2017
Ryo Ishibashi is a Japanese actor and lead singer of the Japanese rock band ARB. He is known around the world for his roles in the classic Japanese Horror films Suicide Club and Audition. He is also recognized in America for his role as Nakagawa in The Grudge and The Grudge 2.
lilolaf  2/9/2017
Ryo Sato is a Japanese actress.
lilolaf  2/9/2017
Ryō Hirohashi is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production.
lilolaf  2/9/2017
Ryo Miyaichi is a Japanese professional footballer who plays as a winger for FC St. Pauli in the 2. Bundesliga. He has played in the Premier League for clubs such as Arsenal, Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers. He also played for Feyenoord and Twente in the Eredivisie as well. Japan's former head coach Alberto Zaccheroni has said that "Miyaichi's strengths are on the flanks and creating space going forward."
cutenose  2/14/2017
Ryo Nishikido is a Japanese idol, singer, actor and songwriter. He is a member of Japanese boy band Kanjani Eight and was also a member of Japanese male idol group News, both of which are under the management of Johnny & Associates.
lilolaf  2/14/2017
Ryo Katsuji is a Japanese actor and voice actor. He graduated from the Horikoshi High School.
lilolaf  7/3/2017
Ryo Hayashizaki was a baseball infielder for the Saitama Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball.
lilolaf  7/19/2017

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