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This is used in the Fake series of manga for the lead character.
-- Phoenix Boy  3/30/2005
This one's a little hard to pronounce correctly. It is NOT pronounced ree-oh; try to say just "ryoh," one syllable.
-- Phoenix Flower  10/4/2005
Kanji possibilities (actually, it's a long o sound and would be written "ryou" in Japanese):

Girls' name with "ryo":

Boys' names with "ryo":

One of the meaning possibilities is "good/fine".
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
Ryo is the name of a character in the anime Tokyo Mew Mew, except his name is spelled with a "u" at the end.
-- Kurisutaru  2/17/2006
A famous bearer is Ryo Akiyama from Digimon Tamers. Ryo is also known as 'The Digimon King'.
-- blackthorn93  2/13/2007
Can also mean "dragon".
-- Yume Hanabi  2/19/2007
May also mean "clear or bright". Shishido Ryo and Kisarazu Ryo are both from the anime Prince of Tennis.
-- rikkai_tensai  4/16/2007
Nishikido Ryo is a famous Jpop singer.
-- Misao  4/12/2008
Interesting... I would never use it a I am not of Japanese decent. I have engaged in role-plays in the past that included characters by the name of "Ryo." A decent name-- simple, straight forward, but must be used according to ethnic origin.
-- Francesca  5/27/2011
This is extremely difficult to pronounce. It almost sounds like the name Joe. The R is pronounced like a mixture of a D, J and L and it only has one syllable.
-- Anonymous User  8/4/2011
The kanji shown here for Ryō are actually used on both genders.
Other kanji like 良, 了 and 亮 are also used on both genders.

Regarding its popularity, Ryō is more popular for boys than girls in 2014.
For boys, the one with 諒 is in 23rd place followed by 遼 (26th) and 涼 (51st).
For girls, only the one with 涼 made it to the top 1000 at 698th place.

Popularity source: &
-- m4yb3_daijirou  1/28/2015

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