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I love this name. I'm not even sure why, but I suppose the sound of it appeals to me. I think the 'bee' sound brings out the softness of the 'sa' and the 'n'.
black_lace  5/19/2006
I've never seen this name spelt this way, only Sabine, which is French. I assume they're pronounced the same way.
Daroga  1/30/2008
You could also use it as a variate of Sabine (though the two names don't seem to be etemologically related to me).
Pippin  4/6/2008
1) Sabeen as a Rroughly homophonic to an Arabic noun: "Sabi-een".
2) Sabi-een is a plural form of Sabi' means: Rebel (Peacfully). And the Suffix "een" is to make (Masculine) nouns in a plural form.
3) Sabi' was not a name but A nickname and It faded away ever since conquest of Mecca by the Prophet Muhammad.
4) I Never Heard any one named or called "Sabeen", so I think that this "Sabeen (as a name)" is something of no existence in Arabic or among Arabs. not to mention its disapproving meaning.
abu aamir  11/7/2012

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