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I used to call my sister Sadie Grace because she acts like a princess and she's clumsy sometimes. I used Sadie because it's a pet form of Sarah. Sarah means princess. And I used Grace as in graceful. But her real name is Hali.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2005
Writer Zadie Smith spells it with a Z.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
This name is used in the Beatle's song 'Sexy Sadie' and the Disney Channel show called 'Naturally Sadie'.
Emma Hia  12/31/2005
A famous bearer of this name is Sadie Frost (Jude Law's ex-wife).
cyndi  2/12/2006
I think Sadie is a beautiful name, it reminds me of the color grey.
dani_08  3/5/2006
Although I like the name Sadie, I have known 3 cats and 3 dogs with this name, so it doesn't seem much like a human name to me anymore!
sharkycharming  5/10/2006
Sadie is a pretty name for a girl, not overly used. It is increasing in popularity right now.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2006
I adore this name! To me, Sadie seems like she would be the perfect person: lively, smart, fun, pretty, talkative, and anyone would feel comfortable around her. I am naming my daughter Sadie Elisabeth if I have a girl.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
That is my name - SADIE ELIZABETH! I love my name! I have only met one or two other Sadies my age (23). Fair warning to parents - every Sadie I know is very smart, spunky, independent, very sexual, attention loving, stubborn, egotistical, and beautiful. Can you handle it?
SadieB  8/26/2006
This name was popular from 1890 to 1900.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2006
I think of the Sadie Hawkins dance when I hear this name, LOL.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2006
This reminds me of a dog's name! (I also know a dog with this name!)
xKatiex  10/7/2006
John Farnham's "Sadie, The Cleaning Lady".
ezy_lou  10/8/2006
CALL your daughter this, but DON'T name her this. It doesn't sound very mature when she gets older.
xKatiex  10/26/2006
This name is pretty cute! If your name is Sadie, you should love it!
Taydbug112  12/18/2006
I really love this name. It could also be an English form of the Arabic name Sadia (supposed to be pronounced sah-dee-uh, can be pronounced say-dee-uh too).
― Anonymous User  1/9/2007
My name is Sadie and I'm proud of it! ^_^ yay!
AxTaintedxMemory  1/11/2007
I like the name Sadie. It's very pretty in my opinion. ;)
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  1/17/2007
There's Sadie Frost who played in Dracula.
gym4god  2/5/2007
This name rocks! I named my little hamster Sadie. Seems like a name for someone who is blonde.
Sparky221  2/16/2007
I like this name. To me, it sounds like it should belong to someone shy and compassionate.
scarletquillraven  2/23/2007
How do they get Sadie from Sarah? They don't exactly sound alike.
bibi66  3/3/2007
One word: SADIST.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2007
We call my cousin Sadie, but it's short for Sadio, an African name, which means pure.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2007
I think Sadie is a beautiful name. It is gentle, yet strong. Someday I would like to name my daughter Sadie.
WhiteButterflied  7/13/2007
On Disney Channel there is a character named Sadie Hawthorne from the show Naturally Sadie.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2007
I think it's a nice, unique name.
Coffeebean  9/26/2007
Sadie makes me think of a blowsy, middle-aged barmaid. Although I read in one book that it's gaining popularity with the British gentry, to me it seems hopelessly low-class. I think that people are getting so anxious to find something new in given names that they will turn to absolutely anything!
queenv  9/30/2007
It would be a pretty name if it didn't remind me so much of the word SADIST.
So Be It  11/20/2007
Our daughter's name is Sadie. This name has such a strong sense of familiarity. It's adorable, yet old-fasioned.
kkrieger  11/27/2007
This is my name and I like it. The only thing that is bad about the name is that a lot of people call me Sadie Bob and getting called Bob is not a good thing to me. It makes me feel like a child because not many people would think of Sadie as an adult.
brunettecutie20102  12/14/2007
My mother's name is Sadie, so it gives me a lovely feeling of home when I hear it. She's always said with pride that it means "princess" because it's a derivative of Sarah, and I like the fact that her name makes her feel special.
writergal  1/11/2008
There's a Spinners song entitled Sadie that is an ode to caring mothers. There's also a Nina Simone protest song entitled Mississippi Goddam with the words "stop calling me Sister Sadie" in it.
writergal  1/11/2008
The band Alkaline Trio have a song called Sadie on their album Crimson.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2008
It reminds me of a dog simply because my friend's grandparents old dog had this name. It isn't really a bad name at all, but I wouldn't name my child this.
Raindrop_Deamer  5/4/2008
I find this name totally charming yet slightly quirky and not overused. Sade would be a nice nickname too. I don't know that I could name my daughter this and I've never met a Sadie but if I came accross someone with this name I would think it was quite cool.
miriam_grace  6/26/2008
My girlfriend's name is Sadie. The moment I heard her name I fell in love with it. It's really attractive.
bigjon93  11/30/2008
My name is SadeeAnn. I love my name! I am the only SadeeAnn I know =). Thanx mom! I live in a pretty big town & the only Sadies I know, one goes to my high school, & the other works at the ER. I know no Sadees either!
Sadee  12/9/2008
Much less common than Sally, which is the other nickname for Sarah.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2009
I am the complete opposite of everyone who thinks Sadie isn't mature enough for older women. My aunt is called Sadie and I could never name a daughter Sadie for this reason. My aunt's lovely, but Sadie just sounds too old fashioned. It may be modern in America, but in Northern Ireland it's been around for over 60 years.
rachypiesheepbaa  2/28/2009
Ugh, I don't like this name. It looks like sad.
D.Scott  3/3/2009
I'm surprised that people find this quite modern. I went on a board where someone wanted to name their daughter Sadie, and everyone else said it was for an old Jewish lady! Then I burst out laughing.
bananarama  8/19/2009
Because of "Sadie the Cleaning Lady" I can't think of this as anything other than the name of a middle-aged working-class woman.

It also has the word "sad" in it, which just doesn't seem positive. No idea why people like this name, frankly.
SandSea  2/2/2010
Sadie is the name of a Japanese Visual Kei band.
shotgun_wedding  3/21/2010
I don't like it much, I think it sounds stupid and childish. Also, why name a girl something that could so easily be misread as "sadist"?
Luna Avril  7/30/2010
Susan Atkins, of the Manson Family, was called Sadie Mae Glutz by the other Family members.
Sophannagh  9/21/2010
Sadie the Sadist.
Meadow  10/2/2010
American actor Corin Nemec and Jami Schahn have a daughter Sadie Joy Nemec (born 1993).
Meg_Simpson  12/2/2010
Sadie is the most beautiful name ever! I am going to name my maybe future daughter this! :)
EmmyT.  1/11/2011
My daughters name is Sadie (Sarah). It took us six weeks to name her! She has 3 older siblings who helped with her naming... so... lots of nicknames. My favorite... Sadie. We think Sadie is a great name. No regrets! Have fun. :)
cate schan  7/15/2011
Sadie is my second favorite girl's name! I think it's cute, pretty, elegant, and whimsical. I think it will age just fine, but if you really like this name and are worried about it not aging well, you could always name her Sarah/Sara and call her Sadie as a nickname! (:
LittleSamGirl  8/29/2011
When I think of this name I think of a girl with short, black hair who's shy but later breaks out of her shell and makes friends.
bedamijo  11/6/2011
I think this is such a cute name! Very pretty when pronounced "Say-dee". I once met a Sadie whose name is pronounced "Shah-day," which I think Shade or Sade would be better spelled.
Justine_Adrian  11/12/2011
I find this a truly awful name. I am not happy about it, because I usually try to find the best in every name. There is usually something positive one can say about a name. But I really, really don't like this one. It reminds me of the word sadist. It reminds me of the awkward tradition of Sadie Hawkins, the yucky old time dances where girls asked boys to dance (not that it's necessarily yucky for a girl to ask a boy to dance. But those dances were definitely default and awkward.) Why not Sari? Or Sallie? Or Sandie?
Please forgive me. I am sure I could learn to like the name. (One usually can.) It's just that, out of character for me, I find this one really bad. My apologies.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2012
LOVE! But only for a nickname. I think of names ending in "ie" as nicknames.
SEC908  12/27/2012
It means princess.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2013
My real and true name is sarah, but everyone calls me Sadie. Whenever my friends ask me how Sadie sounds like Sarah I tell them to look it up!
― Anonymous User  4/21/2013
This is a very popular dog name.
thesnowwhiterose  5/8/2013
I agree, it's quite a popular dog name. But, seeing as a lot of stereotypically 'dog names' like Bella, Max, and Bailey have gotten so popular, I have a feeling Sadie will be in the top 100 in a few years. I prefer it used as a nickname for Sarah.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2013
I have a dear aunt whose name this was, but she spelled her name SADYE. (She later changed her name.) I love this name and the way my aunt spelled it. To me, Sadye looks more versatile and majestic written than Sadie.
I also have a gorgeous, regal calico cat named Sadye but of course, it's after my aunt, not because of I think of it as a pet/animal name. I call my cat Sade a lot.
Ruta Graveolens  9/17/2013
Sadie is one of the main characters in "The Kane Chronicles" by Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Percy Jackson seris.

I'm quite surprised that no one has said this yet.
pepper256pasta  12/21/2013
I think its very pretty, it makes me think of the color grey, not that dark depressing grey, a light grey that also reminds me of morning.
I also see Sadie as the perfect name for a very smart bookworm girl who is very nice and talkative.
If I have a daughter I will name her Sadie, and NO I do NOT agree that it sounds old or whatever. I honestly don't see why people think that.
This is my favorite girl name, I really really like this name.
pepper256pasta  12/21/2013
I'm not a big fan of this name. It reminds me of a fat, emotional cartoon character from Total Drama Island.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2014
Had no idea that was originally a diminutive of Sarah. I always liked the name Sadie, and for me it produces an impression of having a hint of shrewdness.
Reenie_12  8/2/2014
Scottish TV series "Lip Service" had a character named Sadie. Meddlesome, but kind of gorgeous.
Reenie_12  8/2/2014
I think this is a charmingly cute and pretty name. :)
― Anonymous User  8/10/2014
Sadie J is a British children's TV comedy-drama series starring actress Georgia Lock.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2014
I REALLY dislike this name. It is too popular in the USA for starters. Also it spells sad die and sounds like Sadist. CHOOSE SOMETHING ELSE PEOPLE!
moonbabyblue  8/22/2014
This name is not that overused. This is my cousins name and I also like it for a first name. I don't know any pets named Sadie!
arianagrandelover1  9/6/2014
I much prefer the variant Zadie over Sadie. With Zadie, you get the charm of Sadie without the unfortunate connotations of sadism, sadness, or Sadie Hawkins.
linden-tree-murmur  2/6/2015
A rare, Spanish adaption of this name is Esadiah. Sadie is a nice name, it's just too common. I know 13 people called Sadie, 2 of which I'm related too.
OttilieMaisie  4/3/2015
My little 1-year old granddaughter is named Sarah, and I often call her by the pet name Sadie. To my ear, Sadie is more of a nickname than a given name, although I know it is becoming quite popular as a stand-alone given name. Back 150 years ago, girls had formal names and family "pet" names. A good example is Mary. A Mary was often called Molly by her family and close friends. Margaret was called Peggy. Sarah became Sadie or Sallie to her family. Rosamund became Rosie. Elizabeth became Betsy, Katherine became Katie, and so on. Sadie is a perfectly good name for both a child and an adult -- I simply prefer a more formal name for the given name. It's really just a matter of preference. I have a friend who named her daughter Katie -- just Katie, no other formal name. People are always asking Katie if her real name is Katherine or Kathleen. I would do the same with Sadie -- I'd ask if her real name is Sarah.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2015
I know of a little girl whose name is Sadie. Beautiful! I didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me!
― Anonymous User  9/25/2015
Sadie Farrell, known as Sadie the Goat, was a river pirate in the 1860s. She got her nickname because she attacked people by headbutting them in the stomach.
spacealien  1/12/2016
First and foremost I'm reminded of the Beatles' song, "Sexy Sadie." It's a good song, but any Beatles fan like myself would be unable to resist singing it to the girl from time to time. Other than that, it's a cute, albeit plain name. It doesn't sound particularly beautiful or mature, but it's not a curse of a name unless Sadie comes across a hardcore Beatles fan, ha ha.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
Reminds me of Sadie the bra lady haha... This name isn't great because it is made up of the words sad and die. So all I see is sadness, death and bras. But that's just my opinion, no offense to anyone.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2016
My name is Sadie, and personally, I think that people get an impression of the name by what it reminds us of. For some, it may be a dog or a dance, but if you met someone named Sadie that you liked, you would have a totally new opinion.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2016
Hey, my name is SADIE MARIAH S____! My opinion is that this is a great name to have! And the other reason besides it being pretty is because it's also one of the top 10 female dog names! I'm a dog lover!
― Anonymous User  9/8/2016
I have a dog named Sadie. Sadie is where dog meets fur. She is a good puppy girl.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2016
I HATE the sound of this name! I've met several Sadies in my time and liked most of them, but I really hate the name itself. I can't stand the sound of it!
― Anonymous User  1/3/2017
Sadie is a beautiful name.
Paula Puddephatt  5/29/2017
"Sadie Hawkins Dance" is a song by Relient K on their 2001 album 'The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek'. The album sold over 500, 000 copies, and the song appeared in an episode of the series 'Smallville' (2001).
Feorsteorra  11/22/2017
I have had 2 puppies with this adorable name, I heard it first in FUNNY GIRL... Sadie. Sadie, married lady. Married to a dentist, yet (with a mouth full of braces...) If I hadn't already named my girl, this would have been first or second choice & Emily close behind.
anniehoffman  12/25/2017

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