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Simon Lebon's middle daughter is named Saffron.
-- alisoncorbitt  6/23/2005
There is an actress from a movie called 'Circle of Friends' who is named Saffron Burrows.
-- stace87  8/5/2005
There's book "Saffy's Angel" by Hilary McKay about girl Saffron Csson and her family.
-- Anjamon  8/7/2005
There is also Saffron Alderage, a model.
-- SophieMaria  11/28/2005
Saffron (Saffy) is the name of Edina's daughter on the comedy show Absolutely Fabulous, played by Julia Sawalha.
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2005
I like this name a lot, and I've used it for a character of mine with red hair. The name is so bright and energetic, and it's an unusual and very pretty name that's not hard to say or spell.
-- Iridosmine  10/16/2006
Have named a character Saffron. Such a nice name.
-- Sparky221  2/16/2007
I like this only as a middle name.
-- LilaMayaNeve  8/27/2007
I love this name, and would definitely use it for a girls name when I'm older, but I would use the nickname Saffie, which is a lot prettier.
-- i-heart-me  4/3/2008
It's really warm and lively. I would definitely consider it for another daughter, perhaps with the planty Lilias.
-- Anonymous User  4/6/2008
I'm not particularly happy about the fact that this name is also a spice, but it's not like I dislike the name Juniper any less because it's a tree. Nature names just seem better than spice names somehow. I think this is a cool name, and it sounds like a total redhead name despite the yellow-ish color of the spice. The name wouldn't sound bad on any dark-haired woman either, but it doesn't seem ''right'' on a blonde. It sounds like the name of someone cool and confident with a good taste in music and progressive values.
-- slight night shiver  5/5/2008
It's okay with a nice middle name, but it gets really tacky with some middle names.
-- GarbageGuy  5/16/2008
Saffron is one of the many names of the very untrustworthy "wife" of Malcolm Reynolds on the show Firefly, two other names being Yolanda and Bridget.
-- Anonymous User  7/12/2008
There's a popstar in episode 4 (3 in English) of the anime show Sailor Moon whose name is Saffron.
-- Anonymous User  9/19/2008
This name was used only rarely in England during the nineteenth/twentieth century craze for flower names. It received some attention during the 1960s, since it features in Donovan's hit song, "Mellow Yellow".
It appears to be used in Turkey as a girl's name, in the form "Safran".
In the Bible the spice Saffron - long the most valuable of all spices - is called "karkom"; the modern Hebrew is "safran", like that Turkish girl's name.
-- Jonquil  10/30/2008
I like it. I don't really find it any different from Violet.
Like the previous person said, it was used a little during the Victorian floral boom (or should I say bloom?) and ranked 304th on the England name chart for 2007 so it is not a rare name now if you consider it is more popular than April, Alex and Joanna just to provide a few examples.
-- Anonymous User  12/2/2008
This has almost become a second name for me. Whenever I hear it, I think someone is calling to me or talking about me. On a side note, I am quite fond of the spice Saffron and think it would be a suitable name for a daughter.
-- ICEyun  2/25/2009
I definitely enjoy having this name. At times when I introduce myself, people mishear and misspell it, but as many people are intrigued and charmed by it. I've had a handful of people start singing "Mellow Yellow" when they hear my name. I like that it carries that obviousness that I had hippie parents, but also a certain unconventional glamour. I can dress it up or dress it down.
-- SaffronJaune  4/27/2009
Being named Saffron, all I get is compliments about it. My mum likes unusual names and my sister is called Ruby. I get nicknames like Saf, Saffy, Froon (boyfriend's creation lol) and Sassaroni, Sas from family. Loads of people spell it Safron, Saphron.
-- Saffrooony  6/7/2009
This name sounds really beautiful and unique. It would be great as the name of a character in a short story.
-- -Julia-  7/24/2009
This name puts me in mind of a brainless Essex girl with a bad attitude and her hair scraped back into a 'facelift'. I can just imagine the name "Saffron" being screeched by a loud-mouthed, track-suit wearing mother.
-- LakeGirl  8/10/2009
This sounds like a name straight out of a Joss Whedon or sci-fi show. Very hippie-ish and trying too hard to be unique.
-- slyboots  11/15/2009
This name sounds really trashy and like the name of a stripper.
-- bananarama  11/26/2009
I prefer the spelling Safran- a phonetic variant that, unlike other phonetic variants, is smart and neat.
-- lucyskydiamonds  1/23/2010
I think this is a very sweet name. Reminds me of Saffron from Firefly though.
-- Anonymous User  10/19/2010
Saffron is a pretty name but the fact that it's a spice puts me off a bit.
-- starz26  10/23/2010
Saffron was one of the names of a con artist played by Christina Hendricks on the television series "Firefly".
-- faelivrin  4/6/2011
I suppose it's an okay name, as it's spunky and uncommon. I disagree with the people who say it's a redhead name; it sounds more like a name for a girl with long, black hair. It does sound a bit out-there, being a spice. But then again, I like the name Rue, which is also a spice, so I can't talk.
-- Black_X  7/28/2011
I hate this name. All I can think of is the spice and that's not a good thought when it comes to naming someone. It might be ok for a pet, not a kid.
-- GibsonGirl  9/7/2011
I've only ever heard it pronounced SAF-rahn.
-- Meapergirl  11/16/2011
This is too cutesy, in my opinion.
-- Annelle  11/14/2012
What a cheerful, pretty & lovely name! ^^
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2014
The name itself is really sweet. One of my friends is called Saffron-Mai.
-- OttilieMaisie  4/3/2015
There are two Saffrons in my school of 900 so it's not very common. I have to say, both those people are very pleasant and the name is also very bright and cheery.
-- IsolationHedge  6/12/2015
It seems Safranum comes from the Persian intercessor za'farān (زعفران), which may be ultimately from the unattested word *zar-parān (زرپران) zar (زر) meaning "gold" and par (پر) meaning "feather" that is to say "having yellow leaves". [noted -ed]
-- minimiel  12/17/2015
As far as spice names go, I like it better than Ginger or Coriander, but it's still not a favorite of mine. Probably because Saffron isn't a spice I like to begin with, ha ha.
-- RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
The name Saffron was given to 21 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Under-rated in my opinion. It's a real strong female name. Spicy and strong, I like it. I hope to see it come up as popular in the future!
-- Anonymous User  7/31/2016
A beautiful name for a special child. Our only daughter, a twin had the exact heart rhythm as her brother and scans had shown only one child was to be born. The shadow had meant the medical staff hadn't spotted her. A lovely surprise. She is special, confident and beautiful. We had to give her a special beautiful name.
-- lovelife  8/19/2016

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