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I stayed with a girl called Saki when I went on an exchange trip to Japan. She was really quiet but really nice to me and sporty. I really like this name.
frantastic  12/22/2017
Saki Iwasawa is a character in the anime Aiura.
LydiaL  9/3/2017
Saki Kumagai is a Japanese international footballer. A Student at Tsukuba University and a central defender, she currently plays for French club Olympique Lyon in the Division 1 Féminine. She was part of Japan's World Cup-winning team in 2011, scoring the winning penalty in the final against the USA. Kumagai also scored the decisive penalty for Lyon in the 2016 UEFA Women's Champions League Final, following a player-of-the-match performance.
cutenose  2/19/2017
Saki Takaoka is a Japanese actress. Her uncle is the jazz pianist Yōsuke Yamashita. She won the award for best actress at the 19th Hochi Film Award for Crest of Betrayal.
lilolaf  2/17/2017
Saki Nakajima is a member of Cute, a Japanese pop group within Hello! Project.
lilolaf  2/17/2017
Saki Fujita is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo, Japan represented by Arts Vision. She sang the ending theme to the anime Tokimeki Memorial Only Love, "Kiseki no Kakera", (奇跡のかけら) along with Yuki Makishima and Yukako Yoshikawa as well as the opening of Working!, Coolish Walk, with Kana Asumi and Eri Kitamura. She is best known in Japan for sampling her voice for Crypton Future Media's Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.
lilolaf  2/17/2017
Saki Shimizu is a J-pop singer. Her career began in 2002 when she passed the audition for Hello! Project Kids, an all-female teen pop group within Hello! Project. Since then, she has continued to sing in that group and has become a part of two smaller groups composed of Hello! Project Kids members, Berryz Kobo and ZYX. Currently, she is captain of J-pop band Berryz Kobo.
cutenose  2/3/2017
Short for Sakura, which I like.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2016
In the anime series Eden of the East, one of the main characters is named Saki Morimi.
sunshinechild67  11/7/2012
The Shredder from Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles is named Saki Oroku.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2011
The name 'Saki' and the drink 'sake' are pronounced differently in Japanese, Saki sounds a bit like Sah-Kee and sake sounds like Sah-Kay or Sah-Keh. They are two different words.
Howodd27  2/14/2009
Five members of Hello! Project bear this name: Shimizu Saki [Berryz Koubou], Nakijima Saki [C-ute], Ogawa Saki [EGGS], Mori Saki [EGGS], Nagai Saki [Gatas Brillhantes H.P.]. As well as past member, Arai Saki.
MaoLOVE  9/18/2008
Pronounced SAH-kee.
ekatz7  5/24/2008
If I am correct, this is also another name for the alcoholic beverage, sake. I could be mistaken, though.
Midna  7/27/2007
This was used in a short story collection, "Surprising Stories by Saki" by H. H. Munro.
seishou  3/23/2007
Saki is the name of a gothic high school girl in the manga & anime, "Fruits Basket," who uses denpa waves.
gorgen_kally  2/18/2006
Possible kanji:
to bloom

-a kind of fabric
-joyous (celebration)

-turtle (rare)

Various names with "Saki":
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005

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