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Lovely name! It's awesome in my opinion.
-- aquaspirit96  9/10/2007
In the J-drama, Yanpapa, Miku Ishida's character is Sakurako Kazama.
-- MaoLOVE  7/30/2008
Love it, Sakura is way too common Sakurako is different.
-- sailormars  7/11/2010
Sakurako Terada is a Japanese curler from Hokkaido, Japan.
-- IrishKisses  9/17/2010
Sakurako is pronounced as sah-koo-rah-ko. However, in Japanese, the R tends to sound more like a mix of R and L rather than an English R.
-- IrishKisses  9/17/2010
Sakurako Kaoru is a Japanese gravure model, AV idol and pink film actress. First coming to prominence as an AV actress, Kaoru successfully made the transition to the theatrically released softcore pink film genre. She has appeared in award-winning pink films, and was herself given a "Best Actress" award for her work in this genre in 2007.
-- cutenose  1/15/2017

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