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There is an opera called Salome by Richard Strauss which tells the story of the tragic biblical character who demands the head of John the Baptist, her unrequited love, as a reward for her dance.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2005
My great grandmother's name was Salome and she pronounced it: salo-may.
stuckonstupid  8/15/2005
'Salome' is the name of a play written in French by Oscar Wilde during the mid-to-late nineteenth century. It was prohibited from being performed on the English stage because of its depiction of Biblical characters. 'Salome' has been declared by many critics to be 'unactable', but is a triumph in dialogue and provocative imagery.
Arrows  11/22/2005
Alex Kingston's daughter's name is Salome Violetta.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2006
It means peace so when people ask her about her name she can just say: Peace out!
jmd27  12/11/2006
Salome´s nicknames are Sally, Salomka, Salinka, Salomea, Salomija.
Karcoolka  5/25/2007
Salome is also the name of the monarch of Judea, Salome Alexandra, who was their last - and some say greatest of her family - to die in power before Rome took control of the area.
ElizainEngland  6/23/2007
As a Hebrew name, it is usually pronouced similar to its roots in Shalom, but I've heard in English and French as Sa-Lo-May. I prefer the former.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2007
According to American Heritage Dictionaries, Salome is pronounced sah-LO-mee and SA-lo-may. I prefer the latter, as sa-LO-mee is too similar to salami.
earthnut  9/6/2007
In the Lil' Abner comic strip by Al Capp, Salome is the name of the Yokum family's female pet pig, belonging to the supposed breed "hammus alabamus".
lady murasaki  9/9/2007
The French pronunciation is sah-lo-MAY. This was the pronuciation of the name of the play Salome written by Oscar Wilde in French.
earthnut  9/14/2007
The Greek and Hebrew pronunciation is sa-LO-may.
earthnut  9/14/2007
Salomé is pronounced: sah LO may/SAH lo may.
sarahlauren  9/19/2007
Pronounced sa-lo-MAY.
sa - rhymes with pa (father)
lo - rhymes with so
― Anonymous User  9/22/2007
Pronounced as "SAH-law-mai".
Maggie_Simpson  9/29/2007
In the film "All the Fine Young Cannibals", the female protagonist Sarah changes her name to Salome.
scholasticastewart  7/13/2008
I love this name. It has a beautiful sound to it. However, some people wouldn't be able to use it because of the biblical Salome, who was little more than a slut.
bananarama  7/26/2008
I've read about four or five different possible pronunciations of Salome in these comments here and everyone seems very sure that his/her given pronunciation is the right one. So I suppose it's not a name that a child would have fun with if you lived in an English-speaking country. I always thought, it would be pronounced SA-lo-may in English, but apparently, it's not that easy.

In Germany (and I claim to be certain here, as I am German), it is pronounced like ZAH-loh-meh, but not exactly as it's difficult to describe the pronunciation well.
LoQuiero  8/13/2008
There is a great U2 dance song called Salome. Pretty name!
Katheros  8/13/2008
jade11  9/6/2008
Salome is a contestant on Bravo TV's second season of 'Make Me a Supermodel'.

She pronounces it Sa-LO-may.
brrryce  3/22/2009
The German Gothic Metal band Xandria has an album called "Salome-The Seventh Veil," which includes the title track "Salome." It's a beautiful album and a beautiful song! I don't really have an opinion on the name itself either way, though.
harry_sent_me  4/8/2009
Another nickname for Salome is Salka.
Winter  8/4/2009
Salome Otterbourne is an detestable alcoholic authoress of sex novels in Agatha Christie's famous 1937 murder-mystery "Death on the Nile".
Clytemnestra  8/13/2009
It *IS* Suh-LO-mee in English. Which is closer to the Hebrew original SHLOMIT or SHLOMITZION. The French, Spanish and Italian pronunciations tend to sound more like Sah-lo-MAY (which incidentally sounds horrific when pronounced by native English speakers).
Salome  1/20/2010
Salome -the opera by Richard Strauss was based on the Oscar Wilde play and in the audience of one of the early performances was Adolf Hitler.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2010
Salome Jens is an American actress. (I don't know which pronunciation she favors.)
Kosta  8/2/2010
Pretty name, but I always think of that movie Norma Desmond is writing in Sunset Boulevard.
welovejamesarness  8/12/2011
Salome is a big, fat NO GO. I think of salami and salamanders.
GibsonGirl  11/12/2011
The name Salome is also commonly used in Georgia.

In Georgian, Salome is written as: სალომე.
Lucille  6/6/2013
The name Salome was given to 77 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013

Is how I have heard it and would say it. Not sure if the vowel sounds are a corruption of original Hebrew or not. Most likely was a phonetic English reading of the name but I'm no expert!

If there is an accent mark over the last 'e' the syllable changes to 'may'.
S4acre  10/13/2014
The name Salome is ugly and disgusting in my opinion. I really hate this name. It's not pretty sounding. There would also be a lot of mispronunciations to come across for a bearer of this name. As you can tell, I'd never use this name.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2014
Just to add to my comment: The biblical character princess Salome ticks me off. I can't help but think about the story of the death of John the Baptist. And that painting of her holding his head... *shudders*
― Anonymous User  6/7/2015
I know someone who pronounces it sa-LOH-mee. When I was a kid, I'd just think of salami. But that aside, it's cute.
silly_rabbit  9/3/2015
Sounds like the name of a prostitute.
TyrannosaurusRegina  10/1/2015
It's also used in Georgia pronounced exactly like you spell it. It's quite common. [noted -ed]
annemarie98  10/18/2015
The name Salome was given to 124 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
My 11th generation ancestor was named this in 1675, it's a very interesting and old name.
― Anonymous User  10/4/2017

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