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It's also the Danish version of Solomon. [noted -ed]
-- Charlie1977  12/2/2004
It looks like the word 'salmon', like the fish.
-- xKatiex  9/23/2006
Salomon is also the Croatian and Polish form of Solomon. [noted -ed]
-- Lucille  10/29/2007
In French it is pronounced sah-loh-moWn.
-- Anonymous User  12/7/2007
... and a good brand of shoes.
-- Atarah Derek  7/11/2009
I prefer the spelling Solomon.
-- Joy12  4/20/2011
Salomon de Bray (1597-1664) was an architect and painter of biblical and allegorical scenes.
-- Anonymous User  10/11/2011
Also the German form.
-- Frollein Gladys  5/27/2016

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