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I love the name, and Salvador Dali, but wouldn't give it to my kids. Think of the nickname Salva-dork.
Dray  5/23/2006
Salvador is the name of Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien's son.
viper  5/28/2006
Salvador Dali is my idol. I simply ADORE the name, fantastico!
lovelybones  7/28/2006
I might like it, but it makes me think of El Salvador and what a poor country it is. That makes me sad.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2008
Lisa Jane Smith uses the name Salvador as the last name of the Italian vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvador in her books "The Vampire Diaries".
Tragedy  5/19/2008
I think this is a very strong and unique name.
number1212  5/23/2008
Also used in Portuguese, pronounced sahl-vuh-DOR. Somewhat popular among upper-class families.
mellon.collie  12/14/2009
It was the name of the former Marxist president of Chile Salvador Allende.
Paradiso36  4/5/2017
Salvador Vilar Braamcamp Sobral is a Portuguese singer. He is currently representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Amar pelos dois". Sobral was born in Lisbon where he lived most of his life.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Salvador is a very popular name in Portugal. A famous bearer is Salvador Sobral!
― Anonymous User  5/14/2017
The origin of the name Salvador is from Arabic 'Salfa'du'r Arabic: سلفادور.
Maricar  3/13/2018

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