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"Sango" is the name of the demon-slayer girl in the popular Manga/Anime show "InuYasha". I think this name is simply lovely.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2005
Having never met a "Sango" in real life in my years in Japan, it may be like some other comic book names that are made up for a character, but not really used so much in real life. [noted -ed]
abbasdaughter  12/25/2005
Sango is a pretty name and probably become more popular in the future. Maybe if I lived in Japan then I might name my daughter Sango but in the USA it won't become very popular. It's also a language somewhere.
alexyasha  3/23/2007
Sango is a cute name, and I always thought the character was cool, but I think it'd be best for a cat, especially an orange one. (The coral connection made me think this.)
vattenkvinna  7/23/2007
The kanji for Sango is ŽXŒè , the hirigana ‚³‚ñ‚² , the katakana ƒTƒ“ƒS.
egyptianpanda  3/3/2009
Sango was one of my favourite characters on the show InuYasha. Like someone suggested above, it would make a good cat's name. =D The meaning is pretty cool, too.
CanadianChibi  3/19/2009
I'm not sure how this is pronounced in Japanese, but in English, I've heard "SAWN-go" and "SAHN-go".
terror_candy  9/2/2009
I have always heard it said SONG go (merging the g as one).
Niji_Usagi  1/7/2010
What the... "Sango" is used in Japanese for "coral". It was NOT made for a comic character, it was just used for a character.
I hope some moderator would modify the description to be "This name became popular by the comic and cartoon, 'Inu Yasha'." How it is now makes it seem like that's the only place it's from and used in, and makes it seem like someone ignorant (or a weeaboo) added this.
And for the comic characters whose name is "made" for the character: it is the meaning it could represent when written in kanji. For "Sango", however, it has only the meaning of "coral". You know, the kind you find in the ocean.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2011

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