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My name is Sara, and I pronounce it literally as it is spelt "sa-ra", not like the version with the -h, but still loads of people try to call me Sarah. Both mean princess and there are quite a few people with this name. It is actually a Welsh name as well.
SaraFeodorovna  7/31/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sara here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
How you pronounce it depends on your country of origin, and has very little to do with the origin of the name itself.

If you are using it based on its English history then Sair-uh is an entirely appropriate way to say it. If you are going with a Romance language for its origin it should be Sahr-uh. Different strokes for different folks, and no need to throw stones. My best friend in first grade had this name and pronounced it Sair-uh.

Why is anyone offended by how someone else pronounces a name? If you name the kid, you can pronounce it any way you want.
Annabeau  2/15/2007
It's pronounced sa-rah in Italian, too. My Italian teacher is from Italy and there's a girl named Sarah in my class. We think it's funny, because he says Sarah the Italian way.
xKatiex  3/13/2007
I have a friend named Sara. She pronounces it SER-ah. I have another friend in New York named Sara, but she pronounces it SAH-rah. I think it depends on where you're from to pronounce your name, because they get angry if you pronounce it the other way. And it is a beautiful name. Bless all that bear it.
SingingDove114  8/17/2007
I pronounce it more like Cara or Tara than Sarah.
Hushpuppy  10/12/2008
Sara is pronunced both "SER-ə" and "SAR-ə". The pronunciation is simply determined by which country you're in or the origin, the spelling has in most cases nothing to do with it.

Because in some countries they pronunce it "SAR-ə" even though it has a H in the end.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2008
To me Sara is pronounced differently to Sarah;
Sara = Sah-rah
Sarah = Sair-ruh
Just from experience with people I've met named Sara or Sarah.
lilmissodd  3/22/2009
In Arabic Sara (سارة) is pronounced "SAA-rah", sounding different from "Sare-ah". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  5/17/2014
To the folks who are commenting on the pronunciation of Sarah vs. Sara... what?! They are pronounced the same!
snj  7/11/2014

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