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This name is pronounced sah-rie in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
My best friend in elementary school had this name, and she used a more Spanish pronunciation: "saw-rye-ee". I like this name. :)
PVega  7/16/2006
We say it like "sorry" and it's beautiful.
vanlong0820  7/21/2006
One of my friends in band, Sarai, is Peurto Rican and pronounces it suh-RYE.
Tiffany Twisted  11/24/2006
Pronounced "sar:eye".
Karcoolka  2/25/2008
I always heard it ser-ay-i, or ser-ay-uh.
John324  4/15/2008
I've always pronounced it like [ser-AY] after I heard about the name through a friend.
Miss_Gorgeous  6/17/2008
Pronounced "sah-rie".
Emilie007  9/8/2008

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