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Sarangerel Odigan is an author.
bathos  9/9/2010
I just find this name so pretty in an unusual, exotic way. It'd be nice on a character, in a sci-fi or fantasy setting even, but on a child? It's beautiful but very exotic. On a child with no Mongolian roots, it might be a bit extreme even for a middle name. That said, I think it could be a name which could adapt well to Western surroundings... it's very exotic and unusual, which are trends on the up right now, it looks and sounds rather nice and there a plenty of nicknames if people struggle - Sara, for example. The meaning is pretty as well, even if rather bland and very typical of Turkic and Central Asian female names. I think it has charm by the bucketload.
Celadon  11/15/2010
I agree 100 percent with the user above. No one on BtN or in the real world know of this enchanting name! I adore it.
Dragon_Clarinet  7/27/2011
I think that this name is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It would be a great unusual choice to name your child! :)
Alie.Meilian  8/1/2011

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