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Famous namesake was Rembrandt's wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh.
-- Anonymous User  9/28/2005
It's a wonderful name. If I ever have a girl, her name will be Saskia.
-- Anonymous User  2/6/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Saskia here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
Saskia [don't know her last name] plays Erika Yurken in 'Hating Alison Ashley'.
-- Anonymous User  11/2/2006
Someone I know says they have yet to know a Saskia that isn't extremely beautiful.
-- khaotickharma  11/5/2006
A famous bearer is Czech moderator Saskia Burešová.
Saskia´s nicknames are Sassy, Saska, Sasin(k)a, Sissy.
-- Karcoolka  3/21/2007
It is a very beautiful name and I have always quite liked it. The only anynoying thing about this name is how to pronounce it! A lot of people get it wrong!
-- Anonymous User  7/9/2007
A very pretty name - all the Saskias I know are beautiful - if I had a daughter I would name her Saskia.
-- Anonymous User  10/28/2007
Pure class.
-- Anonymous User  11/8/2007
British actress Saskia Reeves, starred in Close My Eyes with Clive Owen and Alan Rickman. I liked the name so much I gave it to my daughter (Saskia Lucy).
-- Anonymous User  12/2/2007
Slovak hockey player Žigmund Pálffy and his wife Andrea have a daughter Saskia, born 2007.
-- Maggie_Simpson  12/18/2007
In Dutch, this name is pronounced SAHS-key-uh.
-- greta-elisif  5/18/2008
This is my daughter's middle name. I think her name suits her perfectly because it is beautiful, unusual, and traditional.
-- greta-elisif  5/18/2008
Saskia is such a beautiful and special name. Every person I've ever met named Saskia is absolutely incredible and brings starshine to my life. I wish I were named Saskia.
-- guillermo  6/6/2008
Saskia is a beautiful name and is elegant on both young and old people. It also has some pretty nicknames like Sassy, Sasi, Sas and Saski.
-- Anonymous User  6/24/2008
Pronounced "sahs-kya".
-- Emilie007  8/26/2008
My name is Saskia and it's pronounced Sass-key-ah. I really love my name, and the nicknames that come with it, Sass, Sassy, Saski, are nice too.
-- Anonymous User  10/13/2008
This is my name =) and as a little girl I hated it! People called me Sasha, Sashkia, Sassya, and so on. But I have grown to love my name and am so happy that it's not a common name and that rarely anyone has it. It's beautiful, feminine, and is unique. It matches my personality because it's a different and creative name. Just like me. =)
-- Saskia_Thats_My_Name  11/15/2008
Saskia may mean "a Saxon woman," and at some point was spelled Saxia.
-- LMS  11/23/2008
How cute! When I first heard this name I thought it was gorgeous.
-- neverland4962  6/16/2009
In Belgium, Saskia de Coster is a fairly highly regarded novelist.
-- VickyG057  6/23/2009
This is probably my most favorite name. It is too gorgeous for words.
-- Dragon_Clarinet  6/24/2009
I think this is a wonderful name, and it sounds great too. :)
-- walesgal92  6/26/2009
I have yet to meet a Saskia, but it's so beautiful. I love it.
-- Caprice  8/26/2009
I know a German girl named this. I love this name. She doesn't pronounce it ZAH-skee-ah, but SAH-skee-ah. I like both pronunciations!
-- enchy  9/21/2009
Saskia is a new love of mine. I must say, the name sounds very... purple. Not just in a royal sense, but in that Saskia makes me think of a long stretch of purple silk. That must be why I like the combo Saskia Violet so much.
-- erb816  11/22/2010
Saskia Burmeister is an Australian actress known for her roles in Hating Alison Ashley and Sea Patrol.
-- Anonymous User  12/5/2010
My overall impression is it's a very nice name. It's a really cute name for a young adult. Saskia to me is very 60s.
-- tafflemark  1/21/2011
Really lovely name. Sounds artistic without being pretentious.
-- keepitreal  1/27/2011
"Saskia Hamilton" is a song by singer/songwriter Ben Folds and novelist Nick Hornby from their 2010 album Lonely Avenue. The song is about the name of a poet, which Folds and Hornby 'thought she had a fantastic name for her line of work'. Very original, just like the name. :)
-- jeannie.  2/23/2011
Funny, I always thought Saskia was pronounced 'Sass-kah' or 'Shass-kah'. But now that I know how it's actually pronounced, I like it better. :)
-- foreverslowly  6/28/2012
American actress Anne Dudek has a daughter named Saskia (born 2012).
-- Anonymous User  8/10/2012
Jarvis Cocker (from pop group Pulp) has a younger sister, Saskia Cocker.
-- moonbaby9307  5/30/2014
I am called Saskia and think it is a beautiful, feminine and unique name that has a lot behind the name.
-- Anonymous User  11/12/2014
18 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Saskia.
-- lilolaf  1/12/2017

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