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The name means "GOD OF TRUTH". In the Indian language "SAT" is Truth and "ISH" is ESHWAR means GOD.
satishbarve  5/23/2005
Satish is a wonderful name. It's my dad's name. Despite living in a English speaking country it's easy to pronounce because you pronounce it the way you spell it. It's Sar-tish. :D
― Anonymous User  4/8/2007
One well-known bearer of this name is Satish Kumar, a proponent of nuclear disarmament who walked from Bangalore, India to the capitals of four of the nuclear-armed countries (Moscow, Paris, London, and Washington). He's currently the editor of Resurgence magazine.
embryomystic  5/24/2010
The name Satish is also meant Sat Ish, Lord of Truth. Sat is truth and Ish is the lord.
Dr Babu  3/23/2013
Sati + ishud = husband of Sati, so Shiva/Shankara.
KSatish  4/13/2016

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