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I love this name! It is so feminine and delicate. My daughter is named Savannah and I recommend it highly! I understand it's getting quite popular, but I have only come across three other gilrs with this name. Just beautiful!
-- proud mama  9/20/2005
One of my best friend's names is Savanah, she spells it with only one "N".
-- KatrinaLee  2/13/2006
I think one of the reasons Savannah is growing in popularity as a name is because many mothers seem to name their children after Savannah, Georgia. Not that this is a bad thing. Savannah is a very nice, artsy city.
-- lawruh  4/17/2006
Beautiful name, it's the name of Sienna Miller's sister.
-- Keira_111  5/31/2006
One of my best friend's name is Savannah. I think her name is very pretty.
-- ashepoo05  7/26/2006
I adore this name! It's beautiful and has an exotic quality to it.
-- Anonymous User  2/24/2007
Beautiful name. I love it. Savannah is the little girl on "7th Heaven", daughter of Lucy & Kevin.
-- Sarah Elizabeth  2/25/2007
All the Savannahs I know are all shopaholics. I think the name is pretty, but a bit too popular.
-- 7up  3/2/2007
I think this is a beautiful name!
-- x3ThatGurlAmberx3  3/25/2007
Very ugly serpent's name.
-- rainxxxgurl  4/17/2007
I always think of Africa when I hear this name.
-- Mr.Pretty Kitty  5/9/2007
I think this a pretty name. My sister is named this. Rainxxxgirl, it is not an ugly serpent's name.
-- skylar_22  6/6/2007
Marcia Cross had twin girls this spring and named them Eden & Savannah. Additionally, there is a 1982 movie called "Savannah Smiles" and I remember watching it as a young girl. It was a good movie.
-- hpblum  6/27/2007
I love this name. If my best friend and cousin hadn't given this name to their daughters, I would have used it for my daughter (if my husband would agree). Very feminine and soft. Lovely.
-- hpblum  6/27/2007
I really love this name, it sounds exotic even though all the popularity.
-- Anonymous User  8/12/2007
By the way, there are two famous pornstars who bear/ed this name; Savannah Samson and simply, Savannah, a porn actress who comitted suicide.
-- Anonymous User  8/12/2007
Yet another idiotic girl's name. What are these parents thinking? You're going to name your kid after a type of field?
-- johann14  9/25/2007
Savannah is beautiful. We can't be so traditional and classic. Do you mean the only beautiful, good names are Mary, Elizabeth, Emily, Julie. And stop the question. How very boring, let me tell you.
-- Anonymous User  10/14/2007
SAVANNAH. It's beautiful no matter which way I look at it! I thought about this for a baby name when I first got married because it was so beautiful and elegant. Then I met someone in my office named Savannah and she gave even a new beauty to the name to show me just why I loved it! It is pretty but not too dramatic, soft but not wimpy, fun & light-hearted but still very intelligent and it carries a girlie quality that will probably never grow old!
-- Shea27  2/7/2008
This is my name and I've gotten many comments on how it's beautiful and unique. In my lifetime I've only known one person with the same name as myself and it was spelled differently. I really love my name because it's sensual, beautiful without being over-used and I don't get many questions about how to pronounce it.
-- SheCarryingTheCoffin  3/1/2008
Someone mentioned that Savannah is a Taino (Native American) name. Tainos aren't from North America, the Tainos were from the Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and what we now know as the Virgin Islands, as well as small islands close to Colombia and Venezuela.
-- Anonymous User  3/30/2008
This name is wonderful. It's not super common or trendy.
-- number1212  4/26/2008
Sorry, but this name seems borderline trashy to me. It was the pseudonym of the porn star Shannon Wilsey, and it sounds quite suitable for porn stars and strippers. Somehow it seems tacky. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a stripper name, but at the best, I imagine girls with this name to be ditzy and vapid girls from California who get their boobs done as soon as they hit 18. Wasn't this what Janice Dickinson named one of her children? Anything she does is in poor taste.
-- slight night shiver  5/5/2008
I think it's a cold, harsh name but it's been used for a good 170 years and not just in the US. This experienced some popularity in Britain during the 19th century.

I find gem names like Ruby and Pearl vastly trashier than this similarly aged "place" name.
-- Anonymous User  5/31/2008
This is such a nice name. It's wonderful.
-- cocorose1234  6/5/2008
Savannah is a name of someone who is beautiful both inside and out, intelligent, respectful and respected, delicate, gentle, graceful, peaceful, friendly, loyal, strong, independent, diligent and patient. Even with all her flaws. This is such a pretty name, I especially like the soft 'v' sound in it.
-- _0TophasNails_1  12/9/2008
In Australia you never really hear this as a name. But I was reading a book set in Savannah, Georgia? I think it's Georgia not too sure. Anyway I fell in love with it as a name, it is feminine and soft and sounds beautiful.
-- samantharae  4/3/2009
This is my name but I wish it was something else, it just gets dull. It is VERY girly but yeah I LOVE shopping.
-- Anonymous User  5/23/2009
I think Savannah is a cool name for a girl.
-- Lexi_Love14  7/1/2009
This is a pretty trashy name. It sounds like a name that a porn star or stripper would use.
-- bananarama  7/9/2009
Like a previous poster said, long before I think of the name's current popularity, or the city in Georgia (which I hear is nice), I think of the gorgeous African landscape. And then "The Lion King." lol
Anyway, I think this name is absolutely stunning, and it flows right off the tongue. It's not trashy at all. (I can think of much trashier names: Chastity, Crystal and all its variants, etc.)
-- erb816  11/26/2009
Ravishing! As someone from the south (in the US), Savannah strikes me as sunny, stylish, and classic Southern Belle. Near the top of my list, this one. And yes, as a child I loved "Savannah Smiles."
-- Melissa_77  4/3/2010
This is my best friend's name. Despite its popularity, there's only one or two other girls in our grade with the name. I think it's a pretty name. I wouldn't name my daughter that, but it works for her very nicely.
-- TwilighterRenthead  4/18/2010
A character from some of Kelley Armstrong's books is called Savannah.
-- wolfgirl23  6/6/2010
Savannah cats are the name given to the offspring of a domestic cat and a serval — a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat.
-- Anonymous User  8/14/2010
I think this name is very beautiful. It reminds me of the South, summer, and sunshine. It has an exotic feel to it as well. Although, it is becoming a tad too overused.
-- nicole_1024  9/26/2010
This names sounds amazing! Makes me think of someone who's sweet, thoughtful and popular and of someone who likes nature. I think this name is youthful but it can still age well I love it! :D
-- EsmeeRose  9/29/2010
Peter Phillips (grandson of Queen Elizabeth II) and his wife Autumn welcomed a daughter named Savannah a few days ago. I don't think it's trashy anymore, but I still don't care for it.
-- bananarama  1/3/2011
Old fashioned English and American name. I don't mind that it's been revived for the 90's and 00's.
-- Anonymous User  1/12/2011
No doubt the word was easily adapted as a name because it already sounds similar to familiar names such as Hannah and Susannah.

I'm guessing that since Savannah became a name used by royalty, it will become more commonly used in Britain and the Commonwealth countries.

(Even bananarama has softened his stance a little since then).
-- keepitreal  1/28/2011
Pronounced "sah-vah-nah".
-- Anonymous User  5/1/2011
I will not refrain from being very blunt in the review of this so-called 'name,' "Savannah." It is not only unbelievable tacky, cheap, childish, pretentious, pompous, uneducated, unintelligent, and unprofessional-- it is ugly; an atrocity; a curse. It certainly smells of spoiled, bratty southern pageant-babies... definitely not the definition of brains. Is it your goal to harm your child's professional business career because of a name? A Savannah Rockwell would not be hired for heart surgery. A Savannah Peirce would not be wanted to defend and fight my court case.

A previous poster assumed that people of similar views to my own only are pleased by "traditional" (Elizabeth, Mary, Emily, and so on and so forth) names... I assure you that is not necessarily the case. It is about worldly function. Do you imagine your child leading a successful business? Curing cancer? Fighting legal cases? Names like Rainbow, Sparkle, August, Juniper, India, LaToya, and Savannah will only restrict fast-coming (deserved) triumph.

My first attempts when pondering possible future names are "Will s/he thank me for the name?" "Will s/he be mocked?" Most importantly, "Will the name aid success?" "Or will it prove to be a barrier?"
-- Francesca  5/14/2011
Savannah is a very pretty name. I quite like it! :)
-- CanadianChibi  8/1/2011
This is my name. Amazingly, I am *not* a tacky, wacky stripper with a borderline IQ and an inflated ego from the Southern US; I must have dodged that fate by virtue of a stodgy middle name. I don't care for Savannah personally (I find it too feminine for myself) but I won't disparage those who like it or have it. It is "pretty", slightly unusual, and has become more popular in recent times. It's bound to have admirers and detractors. Yet some of the vehemence toward it here seems more like a vendetta.

It's ignorant because it sounds like a "Southern" name? The bias in that idea alone is staggering. (Southern as shorthand for trashy, basically. Yikes.) Porn stars have had this name? Try finding a name that hasn't been used by someone in that industry, or by anyone else deemed unpleasant. Not. Possible.

Don't like it? Don't give anyone the name. But don't tell anyone they're worthless for having it.
-- awesomer  1/2/2012
Savannah is my name and I absolutely adore it. When my mother was pregnant with me, she and my father were watching the news while wondering what to name me. They went through every name they could think of, but couldn't decide. Suddenly, the news reporter announced that there was a tornado in Savannah, Georgia, and my father thought that name was lovely.

All my life I've gotten nothing but positive comments about my name, and have yet to meet someone who disapproves of it.
-- Savvy89  3/27/2012
Take off your top!

Sorry, this name makes me think of strippers. I can't help it.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2012
My name is Savannah and I love it. One of the most common things people say to me when they hear it is "what a pretty name for such a pretty girl!" In my school there are only two other savannahs out of about 1,500 students, so it's not as common as it might seem. Whenever I discuss my name with people they always tell me that when they hear the name Savannah they think of a nice outgoing girl. One of my best friends is also named Savannah, and we're both at the top of our class and so is the other Savannah. Another thing I love about my name is that it's hardly ever said incorrectly, and it sounds alike in a lot of different languages. I truly love my name!
-- Anonymous User  6/21/2012
Savannah Stehlin (born on March 6, 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  7/20/2012
Savannah happens to be MY name! I assure you I'm neither ditsy, nor shallow. I didn't get my boobs done at 18 and I'm not a serpent either. I'm going to college to learn foreign language, all while being a mom to 2 small boys. To me the name is strength and dignity, it's spontaneity and rooted, it's love and fierceness, it's lovely and musical... it's all the things I want in a name! I'm sorry for those of you who will never understand the wonder that is the name Savannah... and I'm sorry for those who give the name a bad vibe. I promise not all Savannah's are horrid.
-- SavannahSmiles  3/10/2013
My impression of this name is very uncertain. I like and dislike it at the same time. I like it because I adore the similar Irish name Sophannagh (sof-AH-nuh). But besides that, Savannah also reminds me of savon (sah-VAWN), which is the French word for soap.
-- Skylar_Arianna  5/22/2013
A lovely name! This is going into my favorite list! It is sweet and soft and I think I would name a daughter this! So this name is cool!
-- MusicBelle  10/17/2013
Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips, first daughter of Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne, and his wife Autumn, was born 29 December 2010. She is the first great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.
-- la-petite-rachel  1/24/2014
Shut it on the "dumb, stripper, porn star"crap because my name is Savannah and I can assure you I am an honor student becoming a doctor and I'm not a damned stripper. Your name is just as fit for a stripper than the name Savannah.
-- Anonymous User  6/6/2014
My name is Savannah and I have never heard a bad thing about it. So if you have a problem about it then why even take the time to hate on it if you don't like it.
-- Anonymous User  7/12/2014
A name does not define a person. You could meet a Savannah who is harsh and cold, or a Savannah who is kind and beautiful. You can't assume something about a person because of their name.

Anyway, I LOVE Savannah! I usually like soft names on girls, but Savannah really struck a chord with me. Susannah, which is much softer, is alright, but it doesn't have the charm that Savannah has!
-- Anonymous User  10/21/2014
I think Savannah is a nice name. I live there in Chatham County myself. I grew up there- it was pretty.
-- Anonymous User  2/7/2015

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