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I LOVE this name. I just came upon it by pure chance, reading about an Italian princess of the 18th century. I'd never heard of it before and I was completely taken by it. It makes me think of a distinguished lady, refined, charming and glamourous. If I had known it before my daughter was born, Saveria would be her name - though my husband thinks it sounds like an ugly country girl or something.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2007
As an English-speaker, Saveria reminds me too much of the word "severe" for me to use it.
erb816  12/31/2009
Saveria (rhymes with Bavaria) is my daughter's name - she was named after my grandmother who was born in Castiglione Italy - southern Italy, in Calabria. It is a very old name - I have come across it only 3 other times in the United States.
russodana  9/16/2015
Also Corsican feminine form of Saveriu.
Sofia  10/6/2015

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