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Sawyer is a sexy, sullen character on the show "Lost."
breakofday  12/16/2005
A guy from the awesome TV show 'Lost' though his real name isn't Sawyer, it's James.
princesskisa  4/22/2007
Sawyer Sweeten (born May 12, 1995) played the role of Geoffrey Barone, one of Ray and Debra's identical son's on the comedy "Everybody Loves Raymond" (1996-2005). His character also maintained the names Jeffrey and Matthew.
AndrewJKD  1/3/2006
I think Sawyer is a beautiful girl name, but PLEASE don't use it on your sons, it sounds very blah.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2006
I personally prefer this name for a boy, as it says, it is a masculine name. It is also used more for boys than anything. There are other prettier, more feminine names for girls out there.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2006
Sawyer is most definitely a boys' name. In fact, it sounds quite ridiculous for a girl to use it.
Fionafabulous  7/4/2006
I think this is a very strong, rugged name for a boy, not a girl.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2006
I agree, this name is such a rugged name for boy, it's great. I wouldn't use it for a girl.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2006
This is such an awesome name for a BOY. Rugged, handsome and sexy sounding.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2006
A Fern Michaels series (Kentucky Heat, Rich, and something else...not in that order I think) had a GIRL named Sawyer in it.
xKatiex  10/19/2006
I agree with everyone here. Sawyer is definitely a boys name, and not feminine in the least. It has such a nice sound, a very uncommon one among the sea of Caden, Jayden, and Aidens that are so common nowadays. Lovely name!
Pheadirean  1/2/2007
I love Sawyer for both genders, prefer a girl.
tigerlilly  2/3/2007
I like this name, but only for boys. Definitely not a girl's name. Might as well name a girl Roger.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2007
I love this name! I think it's really cute!
elysa  3/14/2007
Fabulous name for a boy! It's very rugged and handsome. Sawyer will transcend from childhood into adulthood quite well too. It's unique without being too weird.
― Anonymous User  3/18/2007
Sawyer would be a really cool name for a girl.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2007
Sara Gilbert and her partner Allison Adler have a son Sawyer Adler-Gilbert. He was born 2th August 2007 Los Angeles, California.
Karcoolka  8/10/2007
Actually, Sara Gilbert has a daughter named Sawyer, not a son. Just wanted to clear that up. By the way, Sawyer is a fantastic name. Both on girl and boys. Though I prefer it on girls.
metope  11/11/2007
Sawyer was the name of a FEMALE cat in the animated movie "Cat's Don't Dance".
Maro  9/11/2007
We both say it SAH-yer.
virginiadays  10/29/2007
The pronunciation reminds me of sour.
jasmineenimsaj  2/9/2008
Although I'm not a big fan of Sawyer I'd much rather see it on a boy then a girl. It sounds very masculine and the two most current associations with the name are very masculine: Tom Sawyer and James "Sawyer" Ford from LOST. With the latter being very prominent right now I can scarcely imagine a little girl named Sawyer. I think I'd expect a handsome blonde Alabaman conman.
ZoeAliza  4/7/2008
The name sounds very pretentious and surname-y, but with its rising popularity, instead of being the name of boys in boarding schools who come from elitist families, this is going to sound more like the name of spoiled *middle class* boys who are obnoxious brats in elementary school, middle school, and high school, and, well, obnoxious frat boys in college. Sigh. I don't like the sound of this name much, and it's better as a surname.
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
At first I didn't like this name, but I really seem to now. Since the only Sawyer I know is a girl, I can only picture Sawyer a girl name. Although, I do think it's a cute name for a boy, I'm one of those people who would like this on a girl.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2008
A famous bearer is Sawyer Sweeten, Madylin Sweeten´s brother.
Emilie007  6/4/2008
Definitely a BOY name. On a girl it seems to be trying way too hard. I do not understand the boy names on girls trend. Seem like it undoes a lot of the work feminists accomplished, why hide behind a boy name because you think it sounds "strong", feminine names are strong too. I would assume the parents wanted a boy if they named their little girl Sawyer. For all the people contemplating Sawyer for a girl think of the wedding invitation for you daughter. Who is the groom? Think of all the mail and calls directed to Mr. Sawyer Blah Blah Blah, think of all the teasing in elementary school. Keep it for the boys, it is rugged and masculine.
phanny3282  6/8/2009
Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw's SON is named Sawyer.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2009
My name is Sawyer, and I've never encountered any problems with having the name despite the fact that I'm a girl. Granted, the fact that I've lived most of my life in a small Southern-American town where it isn't uncommon for a girl to have a family surname as her given name has probably helped ^_^. I had (female) classmates named Thatcher, Cullen, and Gage (among others) at various times. So I suppose I didn't stick out all that much.
― Anonymous User  7/14/2009
Now I'm really a fan of unisex names. I prefer Morgan, Campbell, Brooke etc. on girls, but Sawyer is a very masculine name. Names that end with -er are always masculine to me.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2009
Is this actually pronounced SOY-er? I have only heard it pronounced SAW-yer and always thought that this was the only pronunciation for this name. Why would you pronounce Saw as 'Soy' it makes no sense.
McHobbit  10/28/2009
I think girls deserve pretty names. Why in the world would someone name their daughter this? It's a wonderful boys name.
Liesl  11/1/2010
I love this name (From LOST's Sawyer) but I can't picture it on a girl. Sorry.
Dawson  12/4/2010
The CNN and CBS news reporter Erica Hill named her SON Sawyer Steven Yount.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2011
I like it on either gender.
FlakyMatt  12/21/2011
Not listed here is the name Sayer. It is the Welsh form of Sawyer meaning sawer of wood.
starflower57  1/1/2012
I wanted to leave another comment concerning the name Sayer (Sawyer). I named my son Sayer (after finding it in a book of baby names) and have met people from Wales who have told me it is a common first name there. I have seen it as a last name more frequently here in Canada.
starflower57  1/1/2012
Boy name all the way. There's no chance I would ever think it to be a girl name, especially with the novel character, Tom Sawyer, as well as a country singer, Sawyer Brown.
GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
The boy in the film "Dolphin Tale" is named Sawyer.
Martha Gold  4/10/2012
I don't get a great impression from this name. It sounds too much like a surname to be an acceptable first name, and it reminds me of wood (well, considering it means sawer of wood...) That's not a pleasant connotation, at least to me. It also sounds way too rough, especially for a girl.
sunshinechild67  9/30/2012
This name is nice for a boy. Cool and masculine.

Anyone who honestly thinks Sawyer is feminine needs their head checked badly. There is nothing pretty or feminine about it. It's got the word 'saw' in it for heavens sake.
Almonds  7/28/2013
Im a girl and my name is Sawyer. I love it, I love how unique it is. I'm sorry that a lot of you have no imagination and are stuck in the past. Branch out, be genuine. A name is a name, it doesn't determine masculinity or femininity. If you can't see pass that, then I am truly sorry for your kids who will have to live their lives with ordinary names such as bob or Beth.
girlsawyer  4/4/2014
On the cartoon Camp Lakebottom there is a character named Sawyer. He's a loveable zombie.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2014
Sawyer Hartman is a famous American youtuber.
Jazzie2906  8/14/2014
My daughter's name is Sawyer, and it fits her quite well. Her name is Sawyer Faith - I've never had anyone tell me anything except that they love it. People need to get over the "that is only a masculine name" issue. There is nothing wrong with naming a girl with a name that isn't cookie-cutter.
DanelleS  10/22/2014
This is my name so I think I have a good source of feedback. First, I am male, however I meet an equal number of girls with my name as guys. Personally, I have always thought it as a very unisex name, regardless of the term being a person who saws wood, and that referring to a man. Second, it is pronounced both saw-yer and soy-yer. Please don't ever misspell this name. It's really simple yet people always put an O in it. Like who has ever heard of soyer? I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and Arizona is obviously western and I feel like it's commonly pronounced saw-yer more frequently with a western accent which I think is great! Thanks for those of you who think it's a good name! Personally I could name my son or daughter Sawyer and see no difference with it.
Sawyerlawson1  12/5/2014
I personally love this name on a girl. It works on guys, but it doesn't sound that masculine to me.
twlightblack11  1/23/2015
There is a male character named Sawyer on the Nick show Bella and the Bulldogs.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2015
Sawyer was the name of a girl in the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie, Read It and Weep. She was the popular girl and villain of the movie. That was my first exposure to the name and that's been my association with it ever since.
Icycoldhot  5/10/2015
Sawyer Fredericks, winner of season 8 of the US version of "The Voice".
BuckeyedPeach86  6/30/2015
This is my niece's name and I love it! So cute and unique, and not very common anymore either!
hauschka4  10/20/2015
Decent name for a boy in the rural United States. I cannot imagine a person from Manhattan or some other super urban setting having this name. I do not see the appeal for this name for a girl.
Kidwins9  12/31/2015
My name is Sawyer, and I'm one of two people I've met who has this name. I've heard of a couple of others, but they're all guys, and I'm a girl. It's definitely one of those names that will stick out in people's minds, without being weird enough that they forget it. My last name is Smith (the most common surname in the US), so it really helps to have a name that's a little bit different from everyone else's. The only issue I've ever had with it is that, if people ask for your name (ie. At Starbucks or Panera), apparently they don't know how to spell it. I've gotten Soyer, Sower, Sowyer, Sayer, Sawer, etc. All the time.

I think it's absolutely a unisex name. I disagree with everyone who says otherwise, because, a) I'm a girl and the name suits me, b) I often get told that it's a very pretty name and that it suits me, and c) I've met boys who have the same name, and I'm Sawyer. Therefore it's unisex.
sassysmith19  2/21/2016
My name is Sawyer and I'm a trans boy. I picked it myself because I thought it was very neutral, but still masculine sounding so when I transition it isn't too bizarre for people, but in the meantime I can use it and I'm not outed. I did pick it because of Sawyer from LOST though, haha. I just thought he was cool. I have a coworker who nearly named her daughter Sawyer but didn't because her friend did instead, and not long ago I met a little girl named it as well. I've yet to meet any other male Sawyers though!
arrowsandswords  11/9/2016
Sawyer is such a weird name to me. But I wouldn't use it on a girl.
Luvbug86  12/18/2016
Sawyer Storm Sweeten was an American child actor. He was best known for playing Geoffrey Barone on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Sweeten was born in Brownwood, Texas, to Timothy Sweeten and Elizabeth Millsap. He had a twin brother, Sullivan. The Sweeten family moved to California when the twins were six months old. When they were 16 months old they began working on Everybody Loves Raymond, along with their sister Madylin. Sawyer and Sullivan owned a house in Riverside, California.
cutenose  4/8/2017
My name is actually Sawyer, and I changed it after years of being called it. I liked the name because it seemed to be pretty badass. I would definitely say it is more of a rugged female name. Also, "pretty" girls names are soo 1930s, and newsflash, it's 2018.
Sawyer01  4/8/2018

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