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Sayuri is the name of a Geisha (sort of a dancer in Japan) in the film called 'SAYURI'.
-- pocho-mole  12/4/2005
Kanji possibilities:
-a kind of fabric
-joyous (celebration)

-together/friend (rare pronunciation for this one more often "tomo")
-bear (produce as in bear fruit)

-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
It is a name of main character of Arthur Golden's book "Memories of Geisha", Nitta Sayuri.
-- Yen_Yen  12/30/2005
This name belongs to a geisha named Sayuri (fomerly named Chiyo), the woman who's life story is told in the novel "Memoirs of a Geisha". The story takes place in the 30's and 40's.
-- Anonymous User  1/13/2006
Absolutely beautiful, wonderful meaning, I shall be using this name.
-- Nobody  9/1/2006
Sayuri is the name of character in the anime 'Tokimeki Memorial Only Love'.
-- Ryx3  10/2/2007
My name is Sayuri too. It's a lovely name.
-- reina  11/1/2007
I like this name! Pretty meaning, pretty spelling, and pretty pronunciation!
-- cebca  2/11/2008
What can I say? I love Japanese names and this is a very pretty one. It has a nice, strong meaning; and a flair to it. Not too strong, but not weak, either. Just pretty.
-- _0TophasNails_1  12/11/2008
I think Sayuri is a very, very beautiful name, but for me, it was ruined by the book "Memoirs of a Geisha". No offense to Mr Golden, but I feel his book misrepresented the Geisha. Contrary to what it says in "Memoirs of a Geisha", Geisha are NOT prostitutes, they are artisans - dancers and musicians who preserve the Japanese traditional arts.
-- Anonymous User  2/21/2010
This is a really beautiful name, but unfortunately Memoirs of a Geisha ruined it. What a shame.
-- Buneary  2/25/2013
The author Dav Pilkey is married to a woman called Sayuri :)
-- AnastasiaE  8/28/2013
My name is Sayuri too. My mom named me Sayuri because her name is Lily and I'm the youngest in my family and I'm also Japanese.
-- Anonymous User  5/6/2016

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