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I love this name. Planning to use it as my daughter's middle name in a few months. I think it's great as a middle name because it would be a bit of a pain to constantly spell out so many letters if it was your first name.

The correct pronunciation is Sche-HARE-zade not Sche-HARE-za-dee (was mispronounced in Aladdin which has lead to a lot of people thinking it is the latter).
Qitiam  3/26/2018
I kind of see a German surname at first with the beginning, but I love the name and would use it as a middle name.
XironDarkstar  12/20/2017
I named my second daughter Scheherazade 23 years ago. I've always loved the name and so did everyone who heard it. I think she didn't like it at first (we called her Hairy for short, so no wonder), but now insists on being called her full name. No shortening it. She's just as beautiful as her name, too.

I was told that the name is Persian and meant welcoming or home-like, but the Net says it means freer of cities. All I know for sure is Scheherazade told stories to save her life and Robin Williams mispronounced it in Aladdin! (Shah-hair-uh-zod, not "zody").
MayraMM  11/3/2016
I have never heard this name before but it's so beautiful. I wouldn't mind naming my child this if I ever had one. At least a book character, maybe.
Gail Rose  2/24/2016
Scheherazade is one of those name you appreciate or are repelled by. It may sound a little weird on the tongue, especially the slight 'eh' at the end (sheh-HER-eh-ZAH-deh), but it has a Persian trill to it that makes it a beautiful name. A young Scheherazade would be her own character, without borders, and would be sent apart from the Megans and Jessicas.

You can also pronounce it "SHEH-reh-ZAHD" as a cheap and quick way to say it, which can also warrant the nickname Sherry.
Amedee Lupien  11/11/2015
I have heard this name pronounced both "sheh-hair-rah-ZAHD" and "sheh-hair-ah-ZAH-dee".
New_Chloe  7/28/2011
I haven't commented on my favorite name yet? Oh god, I'm bad. But this is a gorgeous name, with the nice nickname Hera. I think it would be sensual and sexy, without trying too hard.
Dragon_Clarinet  7/28/2011
I absolutely adore this name. Am trying to persuade my partner to agree to this if we have a daughter!
hearnoevil8  6/14/2011
The Irish form of Scheherazade is Sheicheiriseáide. And no, I've never met anyone in Ireland called Sheicheiriseáide. Instead, I read it in a poem; the last lines were "Ach, ar nós Sheicheiriseáide, Ní mór duit an fhilíocht chomh maith," meaning "But, like Scheherazade, You will need to write poetry also."
― Anonymous User  4/4/2009
Pronounced sha-HEHR-ah-zod. This name is so amazing.
TheLastMontague  5/13/2007
Strange as it may sound, I wouldn't mind having this name.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2006
You know what. Me neither. How cool wouldn't that be?
Tango  1/15/2007

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