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Scholastique of Champagne (d. 1219) was a daughter of Henry I of Champagne and Marie of France, a daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine. I found it odd that she was given this name, as it's an unusual name among medieval royalty, despite the saint association, and medieval royalty usually reused the same names.
sunshinechild67  1/28/2013
Scholastique is also the French form of the male name Scholasticus.

As such, Scholastique really is a unisex name in France - though probably far more common for girls than for boys.

Also, the name can also be variantly spelled Scolastique.
Lucille  2/19/2013
Not given at all in france. Also, it sounds like a noun or an adjective, not a proper name.
luxsword  4/28/2014

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