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Sergio Casal Martínez (born September 8, 1962 in Barcelona, Spain) is a former professional tennis player from Spain. During his career, he won three Grand Slam doubles titles, as well as the men's doubles Silver Medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
sweetbabe  12/17/2006
Sergio Dalma is a Spanish pop singer. He was born as Josep Sergi Capdevilla Querol on September 28, 1964 in Sabadell (near Barcelona).
sweetbabe  12/17/2006
Catalan form: Sergi. [noted -ed]
hermes  9/19/2007
Galician form is Serxio.
Elianita  12/15/2008
Sergio "El Gaucho" Ávila is a Mexican football player.
Elianita  12/15/2008
The name originates from the Roman family name Sergius.
Elianita  12/15/2008
Sergio Leone was an Italian film director.
Elianita  12/15/2008
Serzh/Sarkis (Armenian), Siarhei/Siarhiej/Sierž (Belarusian), Sergi (Catalan, Valencian), Serge (French, Dutch), Serxio (Galician), Sergo (Georgian), Sergios (Greek), Szergiusz (Hungarian), Sergio (Spanish, Italian, Valencian), Sergej (Macedonian), Sergiusz (Polish), Sérgio (Portuguese), Sergiu (Romanian), Sergei/Sergey (Russian, Bulgarian).
Elianita  12/15/2008
In Italy Sergio was typical of the second quarter of the 20th century. It was the 2nd most popular name in Rome in 1926 (behind Mario), the 3rd in 1931 (behind Mario and Franco) and in 1936 (behind Franco and Mario), the 11th in 1941 and 1946.
presentperfect  12/20/2008
Sergio (Serge) Pizzorno, guitarist and songwriter in Leicester band Kasabian.
euterpe-nyx  7/8/2009
Sergio Valente is a brand of jeans, apparently not named after any person with that name. There is also a professional golfer from Spain named Sergio Garcia.
breakofday  10/6/2009
Sergio Di Zio plays Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti on Flashpoint.
ClementineFox7  10/3/2010
Sergio is an Italian name (as well as Portuguese and Spanish), a form of the Latin surname Sergius, and perhaps, of Etruscan origin. Thought to be taken from "Servare," possibly meaning, "To Save; To Guard; To Attend To; Sergeant," therefore it is logical to think it also means, "Attendant; Guardian."
Francesca  12/3/2010
September 9th is the day in honor of Pope St. Sergio (died 701).
Francesca  12/3/2010
Sergio Busquets Burgos (born 16 July 1988) is a Spanish footballer who plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team, as a defensive midfielder.
6diablesse6  1/29/2011
The PORTUGUESE form of Sergei or Sergey is Sérgio, not Sergio. [noted -ed]
Duddex8  9/27/2011
Sergio Brown and Sergio Kindle are the names of two American football players.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2012
Actually Sergio is a very rare name in Italy for the newborn.
Eretria  1/9/2013
― Anonymous User  3/20/2016
Sergio Ramos is a Spanish footballer that plays for Real Madrid and the Spain national football team. He serves as captain for Real Madrid.
cutenose  5/21/2016
Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero is an Argentinian professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Manchester City and the Argentina national team. On 5 July 2003, he became the youngest player to debut in the Argentine Primera División at 15 years and 35 days, breaking the record previously established by Diego Maradona in 1976. Agüero is widely regarded to be one of the best strikers in modern day football.
cutenose  1/16/2017
Sergio Busquets is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team.

He was a relatively obscure player when he arrived in Barcelona's first team in July 2008, but eventually made a name for himself as one of the best central midfielders in a relatively short period of time, reaching the Spanish national team less than one year after making his professional club debut.
lilolaf  1/25/2017
Sergio Romeo from The Sims 4: Get Together is a bearer of this name.
lilolaf  1/28/2017
Sergio Parisse is an Italian rugby union player. He was the first Italian rugby union player to be nominated for the IRB International Player of the Year. He has captained French team Stade Français and is current captain of the Italy national rugby union team. Parisse is widely considered one of the greatest number eights of modern rugby.
cutenose  2/23/2017
Sergio 'Checo' Pérez Mendoza is a Mexican racing driver. He debuted with Sauber in 2011, replacing Nick Heidfeld, and took his first podium with them in 2012. He drove for McLaren in 2013 after the departure of Lewis Hamilton, but moved to Force India for 2014, where he has remained for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 seasons.
Silverstarswept  5/13/2017

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